Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I'm Off to the Ball

It's still pinkish! Reuven really loved it. Of course, everyone reads something different in each painting. He saw it more of a playoff of "Barbieism". Not really my intention. I will leave it for now!
After veiling with light grey pink the only thing I added was more color on the masking tape, which I will not reveal.  See the previous version

I'm Off to the Ball
22.5 x 15"
300 gm gessoed watercolor paper
oils and cold wax
click to enlarge

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Oh Why Did I Pick That Horrid PINK

Maybe it was the thought of another "paper doll" painting.  Girly I may have thought! Don't even remember if it was a favorite color when I was a child. Although it just popped into my head that my Sweet Sixteen dress was a very pale pink tulle, not the gaudy pink in this. Now the question, should I change it before class or leave it to discuss with Reuven. Hey there, you know very well that Reuven is NOT going to tell you what to do. Question answered!

22.5 x 15"
300 gm gessoed watercolor paper
oils and cold wax
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Family Picnic

We have at least 2 family picnics a year. Winter birthdays and summer birthdays. This year the winter birthdays were delayed, not important why! This was a special picnic because my youngest daughter and family will be embarking on 6 month trip to the Far East day after the Passover Seder, so it was a Bonjour picnic as well. Won't share my thoughts because they are really mixed up right now.

The picnic location was at Beit Jimal overlooking the valley Elah, where David and Goliath had their battle.(1 Sam. 17:2, 19), breathtaking even on an overcast day!  A few views. Click to enlarge

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Who Doesn't like to Scribble

Recently in one of Jane Davies post, she demonstrated an interesting technique using wax pastels and crayons with printing. Here the video from Gelliarts.

I had to give it a try!

Let's Get Those Crayons Out 1
8 x 10"
Light Bristol 170gm
Caran D'ache Neocolor I

Let's Get Those Crayons Out 2
8 x 10"
Light Bristol 170gm
Caran D'ache Neocolor I

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Paper Dolls Glue and one great Mess

Sometimes ideas run through our head. Some vanish before we can write the ideas down, but some are more persistent! I think Cookie has been nagging me because this paper doll thing doesn't go away.

As a child, I LOVED paper dolls. Most all my allowance money would be spent at the nearest 5 and 10 cent store.  My best friend Denise and I would spend hours playing, dressing etc. Until my father decided I had to grow up and trashed all my dolls.

Oh, and glue. When gluing these dolls made from newspaper, I guess I didn't quite screw the top on good and squeezing made a HUGE  puddle on the substrate. Spread out the glue and decided to dip them in and paste on another substrate. What a mess, some got deformed, lost a limb or head in the process. But in the end was better than the perfect way! Forgot to take a photo.

Well, this is the result. I have also cut out some more "dolls" for another, who knows maybe more!

22 x 15 "
300 gm gessoed watercolor paper
oils and cold wax
click to enlarge

I played around with some stencils and got some interesting effects.

Loving playing with my "dolls" again!
Now after all my computer problems with blogger the only thing not working is Location!
Posting fro Neve Monosson, Israel  Fixed I don't know how!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

One Painting Leads to Another

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on the computer. Too much to be exact! Mainly editing photos for my online shop at Artfinder. Browsing through my many photos on Bridge, photoshops's image viewer and organizer, found a photo of a work I had done 2 months ago, thereabouts. Actually was looking for paintings that I hadn't posted about. I was shocked at how awful it was! I did notice that the start wasn't so bad so maybe I could do something with it.  I may have posted this painting before but can't find it.

Love Story with a Painting
20 x 28"
Cut Canvas
Oils + Cold Wax  Collage

Will let this sink in, may add another collage piece if I find something!

Got off to a good start

Got into a mess with that blue

This painting led to a new start. Used the yellows on my palette on a piece of gessoed watercolor paper. Have to say I love this substrate, have 2 more waiting for paint. 

20 x 13.5"
Gessoed Watercolor Paper
Oils and Cold Wax

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Two Birds on One Post

During the month of February, I took part in Leslie Seata's 30 in 30 challenge. These two are the last of the one of the series that I made. Sort twins in a way because I used the same masks.

Decided to take these a step further with the use of masks and a bit of cleaning.

Don't Let Your Expectations Rule
8 x 10 "
Gelli Prints  Collage Painting
Bristol 170gm

After Layering with masks

Your Touch of Nuture and Comfort
8 x 10"
Gelli Prints Collage
Bristol 170gm

After layering with masks

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Cookie's Album

Most every summer I would go to the Workman's Circle children's camp. They had an adult camp and a children's camp. This was an association that my grandfather belonged to.  I had a nickname, Cookie!

Each month we are given a topic to develop at home and bring in for a critique. Today was the day!
The topic was to try to paint/draw not in the style of but more to get inside their head. I decided to try to draw not as me but me as a child of about 10. I really didn't connect with Cookie, and I felt that instead of her doing the drawing, I was drawing her in scenes of my childhood. Even so, I got good reviews. I am NOT going to give up on trying to reach Cookie.

Reuven does not use the Hebrew word Bikoret (critique) but the word Bikor (visit) both built on the same root. It is not whether it is good or bad but rather the process which is important.

8.5 x 11" Pages
Canson Sketch Pad 90gm
Children's crayons
Click on the link to get to the slideshow
if you only get the cover image
click on this to get to the album and I think
you can view as a slideshow

It was amazing how in almost every case we could tell who the "real" artist was. I learned a lot about myself and very little about that child on the cover. Reuven mentioned an Israeli artist that also painted in a child-like fashion. Meira Shemesh.

Next month, a work based on mythology, of our choice but related to our lives today. Have to give that a lot of thought.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Workshop Catching Up

This has been an incredible 30 days. Because of the challenge, I haven't posted any of my workshop pieces. Now is the time to try to catch up.

I started working on wood and still have some that I haven't brought to a conclusion.  This piece is on a masonite panel with a white flat smooth surface. I didn't gesso the panel after a discussion with Reuven. He suggested that I see and experience the panel as is.  Well, it was quite a struggle and in the end, I really missed the texture of the canvas. I have 2 other larger panels and thought that maybe I should try the textured side to see how I feel and how it takes the paint. I can always turn it over and gesso the smooth side.

In Every Way it's Still a Family Affair
12.5 x 19.5"
Masonite Panel
Oils & Cold Wax

In the process of adding paint and scratching out forms began to emerge. 

Detail Top Left
Collage Piece

Detail Middle Right


Completely Out of Contro;

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Collage Time February 30in30 2018

Decided this time to try to make my own collage in Photoshop! Didn't really realize that putting 30 layers and controlling their placement would be so challenging but once started there was no return. I am stubborn that way! I remembered the little box in PS when in moving tool, auto-select, that helped me immensely. Hey, I even added text! 

This challenge was almost stress-free because I worked in series. Gelli printing makes that possible because you don't get the whole setup for printing just one, do you? My main time consumer was the extra photographing, editing, posting, titles etc. Hope to keep up the momentum, actually have 2 pieces left over, my workshop pieces to post, and 6 new at some stage of process.

Learned so much this month, Color combinations, composition, surprises, things not to do, paper qualities, probably lots more! Met some great new artists. A real treat, thank you, Leslie, for hosting and letting us publish on your site.

See What One Month Can Do
Final Digital Collage
Click to Enlarge

Don't forget to check out Leslie's challenge page!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Day 30 30in30

Really can't believe this is the last day! Time has certainly flown by.  Now to make my collage!

Another Slice of Cheesecake Please
90gm printing paper
Collage  Gelli Prints  Acrylic Paints


Layers of Gelli Prints

Don't forget to check out Leslie's challenge page!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Day 29 30in30

Haven't really felt this month go by and here it is the first of March. One more day and finito! I really don't want this roll to end!

I loved the muted sense of crowd that somehow got lost in the process. But I did get a reward in the hidden garden!

So Alone  Am I Part of the Crowd?
120gm Cartridge Paper
Collage  Gelli Prints  Cleanup with Paints


Gelli print layers

Don't forget to check out Leslie's challenge page!