Friday, December 27, 2013

Jumped In

OK It's official  I have jumped in and joined  Leslie Seata  in her 30 paintings in 30 days Challenge for January 2014!!!!

 I am 221st artist about 265!!!!

Already in "stress mode" but I feel I really need to PUSH myself so I am making this commitment and will try to fulfill it.. I will keep in mind rule #3.... I know if I really want it I will do it.... and I want it....

3. Understand there are no real rules for this challenge. If you miss a day, then paint 
two the next day. If you fall behind, please stay in the challenge! No one is counting 
how many paintings you have completed (except you), I promise. The only rule is 
that you must have fun and enjoy the process.

and my own little rule... not EVERY painting has to be a masterpiece!!!!

Now to get organized!!!
Subject matter

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Field Collage

Pasted newsprint on heavy cardboard. Beginning the " He Walked Through the Fields " concept that Heleni suggested as a topic for paintings.  Heleni explained that it could be based on the novel by Moshe Shamir, portrait of Moshe Shamir or any aspect of walking through fields or just fields.. Open to all and any interpretation....

In this piece I was trying to go "out of the box and my comfort zone"... Here I used torn pieces of newsprint and pasted on heavy cardboard 50 x 70 cm. I then added color using oil pastels and oil/wax crayons.

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Here is the collage of pasted torn newsprint 

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Turned more into a mountain landscape than a field landscape 

 Think this could be an interesting avenue to to continue... 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

He Walked Through the Fields

A subject that was suggested by Heleni in our workshop ---- He Walked Through the Fields --- based on the book by Moshe Shamir. I took the subject not from the book but literally.  These paintings where done from photos of the fields near Kiryat Gat  and  Hamei Yoav , our favorite spa.

Both paintings done in oils on red toned wrapped canvas 50 x 70 cm

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Concept Challenge December 2013

In our art workshop our mentor,Heleni, gives out special challenges to work on our own and bring in for a group critique.  This challenge was something special.... working in pairs we were to adopt a concept, technique or materials from our partners and work them into a painting.

This painting done on cardboard with pasted newsprint was inspired by my artist companion Traudi.  I love her freedom of color, cut paper creations and her use of simple materials.

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50 x 70 cm
gouache and charcoal on newsprint