Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Framing I'll Get Better

Framing  My First Attempt

This is FAR from perfect... but the concept is good ... I have to get better at my carpentry skills... I am going to go to my hardware store to see what tools, not too expensive,(not going into the framing business) that can help me develop better cutting ... that's the main secret  --- good clean straight cuts..... In spite of the not so perfect results I totally enjoyed the process...

I have yet to see in any frame shop here (Israel) where I can get a  floating frame... so that took me on my quest...had to find a way frame my small paper works of about 8 x 8 " .  Searching Google didn't really yield much. Recently one of my workshop artists Ilana Landau had an exhibition. Generally Ilana paints on wooden panels and I was amazed seeing how she presented her work in a very simple manner. She made wooden frames similar to frames on stretched canvas and painted the sides black... They looked stunning!!!

I head was churning with that idea... paste the paper on matte-board or heavy cardboard and make a wooden frame on the back.  Then I chanced on this video by Jon Peters who made a great floating frame. So I decided to try it out... with one change  .... instead of pasting my image on 3/4" in plywood panel would make a frame of 3/4" x 3/4" wood molding and then make the frame with 1 1/2 x 1/2 " molding around that to form my outside frame

My moldings

The bottom molding was cut from a 1 1/2" by 3/4" strip!!! Going to the lumber yard was also quite an experience for me... I was worried how they would be for a pensioner wanted to buy a few strips of molding!!! I was so surprised how very nice they were. After cutting the strip they cut it in 1 meter lengths so I could put them in my car.  Then another surprise.... the owner was one of neighbors sons....he recognized me and even gave me a discount...

So now for the final result::: The Duck crayon drawing is from my last 30 x 30 challenge run by Leslie Seata this past January.

Here I made the mistake ... the side moldings should
be on the top and bottom

 From the top

From the bottom

Monday, April 13, 2015

Workshop Challenge

Workshop Challenge

Heleni gave us 2 topics for our first concept challenge this year.  The first is Eretz Nehederet, which literally means A Wonderful Country.  There is a very popular TV show of that name which is a very satirical. In my work I chose to go the conventional way and try to show my love for my adopted land.

I also made the choice of doing both projects digitally.  The main reason being that I love PS and have neglected its creatives aspect mainly compositing.  At first I thought to find a painting by one of Israel's famous painters but  in the end chose one of my own landscapes.  I wanted to work with text so I chose a poem that expressed my feeling called Song for Love  words by Ayelet Zioni . I did some digital painting on my image plus placed the text in Hebrew as part of a frame element. I haven't worked much with text so this was quite a challenge and I learned a lot. Also since Hebrew is written from left to right I had to write it backwards... couldn't use copy and paste because PS mirrored the text.

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 The second project was a phrase from the marriage vows:
Behold, you are consecrated to me with this ring according to the law of Moses and Israel
I chose for this concept a wedding image from my daughters wedding.  I used the text from The Prophet by
Khalil Gibran on marriage.  I used Topaz simplify filter.

And stand together yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow.
The Prophet by Khalil Gibran 

I will be photographing all the work by my workshop artists and will put up a link here.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sadna Passover Picnic

Sadna Passover Picnic

Since the community center was not available during  Chol Hamoed, Shoshi suggested that we have the outing that has been in planning stage for a long time.... as a chance to meet together and paint in the open but for varying reasons was put on the table. This will be more of a social gathering rather than for sketching  or painting. 

Chol Hamoed (literally, “the weekday of the holiday”) refers to the “intermediate period” of the festivals of Passover and Sukkot. They are the days sandwiched between the beginning and ending holy days of both festivals. Passover is eight days long.

So last Tuesday, at 10 AM we all met at Shoshi's and drove to Shoham  forest. Everyone brought something for the table and believe me no one went hungry!!!!  Luckily we were early and were first at the tables in a lovely shaded spot.

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We all got busy setting up the table with the "goodies" each had brought, but before we dig in Shoshi had another plan first... a little "tarbut" (culture) and had printed out several pages of interesting information about --ants-- stories and facts. 

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Neomi  Chana
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Some more shots of the picnic goers!!!

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Neomi Chana Y Shoshi Adina Lea Malka
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Hennia  Neomi  Chana
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Hennia  Neomi
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After our wonderful brunch we went for a short walk where there is an Archaeological site- Horvat Tinshemet - that was discovered  in 1986  and excavated in 1996. It was already mid-day, not the best time for photographs but managed with the help of Photoshop to get some good shots!!!  Can't go far here to find links to the past. Another interesting link.
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Olive Press

 Reconstruction of the Madaba Map

Rock Pool

These are just a few I will be putting the complete set on my Picasa Web Albums

Monday, April 6, 2015

# 55 Pots on Traudi's Window Sill Workshop

# 55 Pots on Traudi's Window Sill

Brunch at Traudi's is always a special event.  So many surprise dishes and tastes.  Sitting in the kitchen nook and looking out at the pastoral views.  I took a lot of window shots for inspiration.  Loved how the curtains made an instant frame for the pots and mobile.

Oils on 45 x 34.5 wrapped canvas
Palette knife