Friday, August 31, 2012

# 28 King of the Roost WDE

Another WDE on 24 August 2012 hosted by Lin aka oldrockchick.

First hour and half....

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Send hour + ... did a bit of scraping ... not happy with the chick on the right screwed bit cockeyed--pun no intended....
29 x 21 cloth cover duplex board with gesso

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# 27 Under The Blanket

This painting done for the WDE  Aug 17th 2012  hosted by Susan aka surob .
Small wet on wet 24 x 18 on cotton cloth pasted on cutting board with gesso.

The first is the drawing and under-painting done with oil pastels wet with turps

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Final painting ... 
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# 26 Pots- Paul Demo II

Here is the second painting of the pots... trying again to follow along with Paul and he demo on using impasto paints... wet on wet style.

Not exactly in one sitting.... here is the first try....

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I wasn't happy about the flowers... too small ... so scraped them off and also scraped excess paint  from the pots as well.

Here is the final... still struggling with "wet on wet"  24.5 x 29.5 stretched canvas

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Monday, August 13, 2012

# 25 Birdie

Another 20x20 cm wet on wet oil . Reference from the WDE event on wetcanvas, this weeks host Rozzi.

A small bird... he is really angry at me!!! I really don't blame him, didn't do him justice!!!
Took about 2 hours.....maybe a bit longer... Used split primary palette

#24 Shells

Here is another from DominicM wde last weekend. Did a tight crop on the shell image... Use of mainly blues and a bit of raw umber..  Wet on wet is still difficult... have to learn to simplify ...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

#23 Two Pots Still Life

My friend Neomi and I decided to try to paint after a demo given by Paul Taggart.  We started it on one day and then finished on another so its not a one sitting painting.  We really had a great time with this although any relationship to Paul's painting is purely coincidental...I love working with the split primary palette.
Prussian Blue and Ultramarine blue--Cadmium red and Alizarin  crimson --- Cadmium yellow and Lemon yellow + white. We have lots to learn with color mixing... we hope to do the same subject again using impasto style.

#22 Cat

After a long while that I haven't done much "daily" paintings I have decided that I HAVE to conquer my fear of doing oils at home on a small scale... even if it comes out a mess... So I started by going to the the weekend drawing events on wet canvas and did this small 20x20 cm cat from the wonderful references that DominicM gave for August 3rd.

Wet on wet is way out of my comfort zone.... used two main paints for my grays  Ultramarine blue and raw umber... naples yellow for the eyes.