Sunday, October 19, 2014

WDE Challenges 17-10-14

Its been a while since I posted on the All Media Art Events at wetcanvas.  I have been lurking around and so I found the sad news that one of my favorite artists Deano had passed away..  Although I never met him in person I always enjoyed viewing his work, he was one of the first artists that I would look for on the forum. He always had kind words for any work I posted. This week the Host Kathy has dedicated the event to Deano and has challenged us to use his use his  red under painting.

This was done on corrugated cardboard 30 x 25 cm. I used my Neo Color crayons and added medium with a brush.

Corrugated cardboard 30 x 25
Neo Color Wax Crayons

Monday, October 13, 2014

Workshop Old Doors Windows and Walls

This September we again meet in the community center every Tuesday morning.  New beginnings after a very long and sad summer.  Decided it was about time to take out the 10 small canvases  30 x 30 cm I bought at a sale a few months ago.

I love old buildings, houses, walls etc.  Found some wonderful images on the Wetcanvas  Reference Image Library..   These were built up slowly using a quite limited palette of my chromatic black that I make from raw umber and ultramarine blue, ultramarine blue, white and yellow ochre.  Worked mainly with the palette knife.  After each layer did a bit of sandpapering. May do it again on these three.... to soften some of the areas.

 Oils on 30 x 30 wrapped canvas
Door and Wall

 Oils on 30 x 30 wrapped canvas
Two Windows
 Oils on 30 x 30 wrapped canvas
Wide Door and Window

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

30 in 30 Collage

Reflections 30 in 30 challenge

First I would like to thank Leslie Saeta  for giving me to opportunity to share my work on her blog and view and learn from so many artists. Also my dear friend Meridith Adler who introduced me to these challenges and has constantly supported me.

This is my second challenge my first was in January 2014. I wasn't sure that emotionally I would be able to do the challenge but I felt that it would be some sort of therapy. I decided to work on a small format 8 x 8 inches and use mainly dry media. For personal reasons I chose the theme of hands because of what it symbolizes for me.

During this journey I found some old and new friends and want to thank them all for their support and comments.  I enjoyed working with my oil/wax crayons and sticking to a theme although at some points found it difficult. Here is the collage of the 30 day challenge. Actually left out one that I didn't like and placed 2  from day 29.

Collage was made by Photovisi