Thursday, April 28, 2016

My World Transformed by a Frame

Cameras, Exposure, and Photography

Michigan State University

Assignment II
Your World Transformed by the Frame

Assignment Instructions
Transform a scene that is an ordinary, everyday, part of your life experience to create a new and exciting interpretation from one or more of the following effects of the FRAME:
a new content resulting from unexpected connections between two or more things that are isolated from the space around them and now related because they are enclosed by the Frame;
a change in the normal meaning of some thing or some person because that element is abruptly cut by the edge of the Frame in an unusual manner;
a compositional balance (such as symmetry or asymmetry) or design element (such as pattern or negative space) that is emphasized because of the Frame;
a change in content emphasis in the scene that results from using a Vertical Frame rather than a Horizontal Frame, or vice versa.
Choose an ISO that is appropriate for the light level so that you can use a shutter speed of at least 1/60 second to avoid motion blur.
Use "Program" exposure. 
 Upload two image files just as the camera recorded them, without any Photoshop or App manipulation:
the first a simple view of the general scene, titled "SCENE";
and, the second a photograph that creates a new set of relationships between elements in the scene, or creates a compositional clarity, or fragments elements in unusual ways by cutting them with the edge of the picture, or in which Verticality is essential to new content, or creates an abstract aspect, or a bit of all of those elements, entitled "FRAME".
Finally, upload a brief statement in which you describe two things:
The scene I chose was the gazebo in my yard. My camera is a Canon G11, These images are straight from the camera resized . The FRAME shot I chose was looking through the metal frame of the gazebo to the weeds.  Have a lot of weeding to do!!! Shots  were done both in RAW and JPEG in P mode,

click to enlarge
f/4.0 1/125
ISO 80

f 4.0 1/160
ISO 100
I will be posting other images from this scene  in my flickr album


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Leaf Collage

This is another newsprint collage....I love working with leave patterns... I mainly use newsprint from Gallery section of the newspaper. The sign on the bottom left says Gallery!!! These are fun and fast projects.

Newsprint collage 
40 x 40 cm
oils plus graphite wash drawing

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap 2016

First, a HUGE THANKS to Kat... It was a fabulous event and saw so many inspiring cards. All the best to ALL. Keep up the creativity, and keep LIBERATING !!!!

It all started way back in January when I was taking part in Leslie Seata's 30 paintings in 30 days . I learned on  Sheila Delgado's blog about the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. I was very excited about joining and thought this a good way to spread my art and meet new artists.  I already had at hand 30 new small daily paintings to choose from, find a printer and I was on my way. All original oils painted on 6 x 8 " cardboard or on pieces of collages also 6 x 8.

No regular printer does postcards here and the pros, my daughter works at a local printer, wants minimum 50-100 cards.So I decided to make my own.  Printed my cards at a photo printer and pasted with double sided tape to hard stock and drew the back of the postcard by hand. Not so professional looking but c'est la vie!!! Printing also was a problem because of the standard sizes here are different than in the states.

Finally, I shipped them off to Kat... Didn't decorate my envelope but Kat showed it because stamp and postmark from Israel in Hebrew,

Received envelope with
Postmark from Israel

My cards before shipping

My side swaps
Top left found a home with 
Top right with Sheila Delgado
Bottom right went to my artist friend Meredith 
middle yellow landscape found a home in Australia with Diane McWhirter
bottom left found a home with my sister Debbie, Revere Beach Ma

Side swaps I received  L-R

Side swap from 
Pencil drawing

Sadly I have only seen one of my cards on the FB event page. My  Potted Plant found a home with Megan Osborn from Arlington,Washington.

Although I am a bit disappointed at not knowing where my cards landed I am glad I took part and will take part next year.  I am a bit of stickler for internet etiquette and can't really understand  not letting the person who you received a card from that it arrived. I know that not all love FB,  including myself, but that is the event platform. I did put the URL of my site and there is a contact link. My they got lost/damaged or they weren't liked....don't want to go there,,,

I love all the cards I received. Still awaiting 1 card. and 1 side swap.
Top  L-R Amy Irwin  Chandra Lynn

Last but NOT least I received Kat's card!!!

Well, finally I received my last card. It traveled from Oregon to Jamaica and then on to Israel.
Alas, its anonymous a beautiful card of a mosaic bird.. 

The label was clear to go to Israel
Zip code not like any in Jamaica
Go figure!!!!