Thursday, November 23, 2017

Going in Too Many Directions

Here I am with 2 days that I can spend on my creative work.

My WIP from workshop to the left. Plus another start.

Some finished Gelli-prints in front of me asking to be posted.

Cards to make

New stencils to try with my Gelli-prints and new colors as well

Hey, quantum physics... can't I split up and do all?

Also, a deep secret that I am bursting to tell.. and that I am stressed about the outcome!

Well, posting won out.

Zig-Zagging Around
8 x 8 inch
Gelli print - paint - collage

                                            Off the plate                               Added painting

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

London Bridges Falling Down

  • Last Tuesday I started a new painting with oils cold wax and collage. I really wanted to work on the piece before going to class. But as usual real life got in the way and by the time I had some time it was too late. Didn't want to have a wet painting to move.This week we have our once a month substitute teacher Eitan Ben Moshe. He is an accomplished artist in both painting and sculpture.We are really blessed this year at our workshop. Each has their own way of teaching and they complement each other. More below.

  • WIP 
  • 50 x 70 cm
  • Oils Cold Wax Collage

  • The class started with Eitan going from one to another looking at the work and commenting.
  • It wasn't a typical critique but rather asking questions as to what we want to do, where we want to go sort of thing. It was a very informative session mainly because we have a very diverse class from beginners and advanced, working in diverse styles and mediums. His suggestion  for me was mainly to sit down and write as if I was preparing for a show, what my intentions are. Or in other words my "artist statement" for the brochure!
  • As a good student that is just what I did. When I finish the small series, 4 paintings. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Where is the Rain

The sun is shiny and it will be another warm mid-November Day. Come on rain, where are you hiding.
“Prayers go up and blessings come down.” – Yiddish Proverb

Been trying to finish some of the starts, really made to many,so some will be made into cards. More on cards at the bottom of post. Prints go fast, the painting and the collage steps take more time.
Collage step from Be Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Screening In Screening Out
10" x 8"
Gelli-print Paint Collage

                                               Off the Gelli-plate                    Added paint

In Love with patterns
10" x 8"
Gelli-print Paint Collage

                                      Off the Gelli-plate                     Added paint

Sticks and Stones
10" x 8"
Gelli-print Paint Collage

                                  Off the Gelli-plate                         Added paint

Been giving a lot of thought as to how to get to the next step, selling. Up till now it hadn't really entered my conscious mind, it was probably hidden deep in my unconscious. Since I have been making cards for family at birthdays etc. decided this may be the place to start. These are not prints but my original work. I bought a package of colored card stock quite a while ago. Have decided to call my cards "frame me" because they are a card and a gift at the same time. Taken this one step forward have ordered 100 transparent stickers for my card-stock cards, and 100 cards single folded cards with the logo printed on the back with envelopes. Since it was a small order I chose a lovely buttermilk color.

I have questions about mounting. Glue or double tape? This card was made before I got my paper cutter.  Thoughts and advice most welcome.

My Avatar is a section of my grandfather's 
business card. Almost a hundred yrs old


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bad Recipe

First real workday at the workshop with our new mentor Reuven Tishrey.  Back to oils, YAY, love their texture, smell, how they mix and spread. I will continue acrylic with my Gelli-printing at home, and oils in the workshop.  I am also going to work larger, at least larger for me.

19.5" x  27/5"
Oils on cut canvas
Cold Wax  Collage

Critique: The composition is too formulated. He wants me to try to make it seem to be on the edge of collapsing. 

How do you make a painting seem to collapse I ask myself?  Getting uncomfortable! 
I think I know the exact time I should have stopped painting. I was getting thoughts that I was going all around the place. Decided, guess my left brain took over and started to make marks to the more negative spaces, and echo colors. Also, the layout of the collage pieces were too balanced. One of the good things about oils and cold wax is that I can take off the pieces and move them around and change their shape/size.

19.5" x  27/5"
Oils on cut canvas
Cold Wax  Collage

Changed orientation, moved some pieces around added a new piece. I removed the black piece above the script on the bottom. This image is not exact, it's a simulation done using PS. Thinking of putting in a shocking color to upset the apple cart! Shocking pink or turquoise? Welcome any thoughts and suggestions., The two parallel stripes on the left top are too similar. I have a week to view and live with it.

It was so great to be back with all my artist friends!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Be Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Lesson 6

"this lesson is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable." Jane Davies

There is a bit of blindness when working with Gelli printing. How the layers of colors react. Where to mask or stencil.  In this lesson, we take a substrate and print one part, then another and so forth using one composition format. Sometimes with a stencil and sometimes a mask and then just color in one area. I was not comfortable with this uncomfortable situation. Did one series of six.  What am I going to do with a mud pile os start?  Not knowing what will come out. With painting, at least with oils, you put down a mark, not what you want, wipe it off. This printing is a whole new ball game.

Tried again the next day after doing some homework painting colors over one another. Did another 12 starts. Don't worry I will be sharing slowly as I bring a few to the next painting stage. 

Don’t try to finish each piece in the
process. Let each thing you do just be
the next step. Stay with it, and don’t
get ahead of yourself.
Feel free to cover up beautiful printed
patterns and textures.
Let some of the pieces be open-ended,
or not finished.
Have fun.  Jane Davies

Wip 01-pt
8" x 13"
Gelli-print + Paint

Gelli-print 01
3 layers

Wip 05 pt
8" x 10"
Gelli-print + Paint

Gelli-print 05
4 layers

After printing the last layer it covered too much so rubbed it off quickly with a wet rag! This one will be a real challenge.

Wip 14 Pt
8" x 8"
Gelli-print + Paint

Gelli-print 05
3 layers