Sunday, May 24, 2015

Workshop # 59 Abstract Landscape

Workshop  # 59 Abstract Landscape

This painting has a history/story. It started out as an exercise from an online workshop by Richard Robinson but was discarded and put in the closet. Here is what I did with the lesson.  Well in short one day I was looking for something and came across one of  the studies and decided to over paint in a more abstract fashion and try to learn the use of some cold wax I had made.  More about how I got interested in cold wax under the work.

Oils on canvas
35 x 28 cm
Cold Wax 
Palette Knife

Canvas from Archive

At first I thought of using it portrait format but it didn't work so I scraped and continued landscape format

Final Painting
First I want to thank  a few artists that introduced me to this new medium,  Sue Marrazzo, Doris Vasek and 
Kathy Elliot  for their support and tips.

Last January I took part in Leslie Seata's 30 painting in thirty days.  During that time I met on line some very interesting abstract work using a medium cold wax. This perked my interest and I started to search for more info about this medium. I have had an interest in abstract work and love the palette knife so thought the technique would be a new exploration in my journey.  Couldn't find any of this medium in any stores but did find a site with recipes and luckily my daughter had some beeswax flakes so I made my first batch, probably not so kosher but that's what I have.   Made a few attempts that didn't really pan so it was put aside till I started on this old canvas.  

I am pretty happy with the result. Love working with texture and scraped and putting on. I am really excited about using this new medium!!!   

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Workshop # 58 Potted Planter

Workshop # 58 Potted Planter

Fourth in the floral series.  May have been the first I started but worked simultaneously.  This was based on a crayon sketch of a potted planter that was done this past January on the 30 in 30 hosted by Leslie Seata.

Diluted oil washes with sketching and sanding for added texture. This is a WIP and I will update.

Early version
25 x 25 cm canvas on cardboard

Workshop # 57 More Daisies

Workshop  # 57 More Daisies

Third in the floral series... sun flower with daisies in a bottle.  Diluted oils and sketching sanding between layers for texture effects.

25 x 25 cm canvas on cardboard

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Workshop # 56 Daisies in Bottle

Workshop # 56  Daisies in Bottle

This is the second of the floral series. Still experimenting with diluted oil washes and sketching.. Sanding between layers. All the florals were done more or less simultaneously.

25 x 25 cm canvas on cardboard

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Workshop #55 Tulip in Bottle

Workshop  #55  Tulip in Bottle

This started out as a Challenge on DPW   hosted by Dianne Mannion beginning of April.  I downloaded the image and although I wanted to keep within the "rules" of the challenge it didn't turn out that way.  Didn't post it on the DPW page.

I have been experimenting with a wash technique that would incorporate sketching and diluted oils.  I also like to sand between layers which adds a bit of texture. May tweak this with some more pencil/crayon.  This is the first in a series of four florals.

 25 x 25 cm canvas on cardboard 

I am so fortunate to get  some great canvas strips from my workshop artist and friend Traudi.  She buys whole rolls of canvas and cut them to size... Huge!!! and brings me the side strips... I cut these to size and glue them on  pressed grey cardboard.  I will be experimenting with different size formats.   

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sketchbook 3

Sketchbook  3

First some sketches I made a while ago... actually quite a while ago....

 Bottles and Brushes

View of neighbors houses

Simple still life

Tomatoes in a bowl

Recently learned of this challenge from Making a Mark by Katherine Tyrrell .  Haven't used my flickr account in a while and since I am always on the lookout for challenges that can keep my creative juices flowing.  This is a challenge called Every day in May.  They have a complete list  for the daily sketches!!! Really neat!!!

Day One   Favorite Food

One of my favorite food is the simple pita bread. Fresh and warm 
dipped in olive oil and zarta past
Olives on the side!!!

Day 2  A tree nearby

On the border of our yard a large Cypress Tree or as we call them Brosh

Day 3 Curtains

Curtain from my computer  room.