Sunday, November 20, 2011

#16-Colored Eggs

#16 Colored Eggs

18x18 cm Heavy brown paper...CaranD'ache neocolor l  wax/oil crayons.... this was done fro the WDE at wetcanvas this weekend... Made a crop of the colorful eggs... I enjoy using Colorix's approach for pastels to keep the shadows and lights... this was difficult because the "local" color had so many other colors . 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

#15 Orange Pear

# 15 Orange Pear

18x18 cm on heavy brown paper

# 14 Two Bananas

# 14 Two Bananas
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Two bananas on a yellow background....
13x21  cm cloth covered cardboard with dark gray toning.
Neocolor l Caran D'ache oil/wax crayons

The scan is brighter than real sketch!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

# 12 -13 Block Studies

Well not actual paintings but studies... but since this is my learning blog have included these.

My artist internet friend Robert Sloan pointed me in the direction of these wonderful lessons on pastels dealing with color and pastel layering. given a few years ago by Colorix... THANK YOU Robert!!!

Both were done, not in soft pastels, but using my crayons..
 #12 Neocolor l oil wax crayons.....
 #13 Water color crayons   Neocolor 11 + Lyra crayons
A5 sketch pad

These were done from a photograph.. which I enhanced further in PS to get more colors... Just a simple red block on two cloths.. one light blue the other pale yellow-green --

After scanning re-checked values and did further tweaking... and re-scanned.  Really learned a lot doing these ....have to get used to this new way of thinking!!!

#12 Oil Crayons

#13 Watercolor Crayons

Since I am not using any medium to wet these... wonder if I could use both sets together..would  have a wider range of colors!!!! 

11-Potted Plant

Really messed this one!!! 27x18 cm covered board--Dark grey undertone. Neocolor l crayons.
Really couldn't get the lovely flow of the leaves... Maybe next time!!!

#11 Potted Plant