Thursday, November 26, 2015

Workshop New Mish Mash

Continuing to cover some old paintings with oils & cold wax.  I have been working on several paintings simultaneously, find this a great way to rest from one to the other and come back with a fresh eye.

New version
Oils & Cold Wax

Cardboard 28 x 37 cm

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Workshop Oil & Cold Wax

Well after a very hot summer,  September 30 x 30 , a trip to Morocco( I am slowly blogging this trip), I have finally returned to my weekly workshops. The way back to painting has not been easy. I have decided to experiment more using oils and cold wax and painting more intuitively in an abstract manner. Not an easy task. My first project was to paint over a collage that was made when we met for brunch at one of the workshop artists, Traudi.  Thinking back it wasn't the best choice.  Haven't a full image of the collage before I started messing around.

Colored Paper Collage

As usual I took pictures of other's holding their works but neglected to have  someone take a picture of mine. After 2-3 sessions  and making a mess, not really knowing where I was going with this we decided that it was complete.  

Oil & Cold Wax

Traudi with her Creation

Monday, November 16, 2015

Morocco 2015 Trip Day 4

Morocco 2015 Trip Day 4

Today we say goodbye to Marrakech after 3 nights at the Grand  RM Manara hotel. Last yoga session in the colorful lounge....

Yoga Practice 

It was much cooler than the day before and when leaving the hotel there was a drizzle of rain and an overcast sky.

R M Manara Hotel 

Today is the first day of Succot so our first stop was the New Synagogue in Marrakech were there would be a service.  Since it was a holiday no photography allowed in the Synagogue.  The Synagogue is near the American Centre  and there is a sign outside that the Jewish Community is loyal to Mohamad VI. Interesting site about Jewish Heritage in Morocco. I was really moved with this visit to the Synagogue and listen to the service. 

Our next stop was the Yves St Lauren Garden and Museum the Majorelle Museum.  A beautiful and calming atmosphere and interesting Museum exhibition. We were pressed for time and the Museum was quite crowded it would be nice to revisit to just sit and ponder and perhaps sketch.

Playing with Topaz Retro Filters

Used a tree image as texture

Put in some fish... added the Yves St Lauren Memorial

Saying goodbye to Marrakech, we are on our way to the High Atlas through the pass to Tizi_n'Tichka and on to Ouarzazate which is on the border of the desert.

Map on journey

Right off the bat we saw we were in for a rainy day... stopping at a roadside restaurant and small hotel in Touama before the climb to Tizi_n'Tichka pass. Light refreshments and restroom facilities and surprising WiFi connections.


We're in for a storm
Views right and left composite

Just as soon as we got back on the bus... it started to rain!!!!

Taken by smartphone from bus

By the time we arrived at our next stop, it was really pouring!!!! 

Cat & Dogs

Guess we brought rain to Morocco

A nice visit to a cosmetic factory that make products from the Argan nuts.

Argan Cosmetic Factory 

After the visit, we had lunch at the restaurant next door.  That soup was really on the spot!!!

Delicious lunch

After the break on through the pass to Tizi_n'Tichka  and on to Ouarzazate in the rain!!!

All taken with my smartphone from bus

Of course, we arrived at Karem Palace, Ouarzazate, in the dark... straight to dinner.   It was rainy and the hotel is laid out with paths and wooden awnings that the rain slipped through. We are at the edge of the desert and David, our guide said he never experienced so much rain in this area.   The rain didn't spoil the the disco. 


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Morocco 2015 Trip Day 3

Morocco 2015 Trip Day 3 September 27 Sunday

Wake up call 7:00 - Yoga 7:30-Breakfast at 8:30 on the bus by 10:00 Headcount, water and we are on our way for today's new adventure.

Today we again start our tour in the Medina, old city, of Marrakesh specifically the Mallah or Jewish Quarter. We were let off in the main square where I visited 2+ times the day before... as we started to go through the winding allies I saw they were very familiar because I was there!!! But this time I saw that we had another person with us on a motorcycle... he was for our local security.  Well, yesterday I also had some local security. First the view of the carpet seller at the corner, the entrance to the alley where the old Synagogue was, and even in this dingy dark alley the blue sky seeped through and remnants of patterned tiles could be found.
Composite plus Topaz Simplicity

The Old Synagogue Marrakech is still in use, but the Jewish population does not reside in the old quarter but is spread in newer areas of the city. I found this interesting photo album about Jews in Morroco. Rachel, one of our group was born in Marrakech and she remembers this Synagogue as a child. It was an emotional visit.
It was the eve of Sukkot and there was a decorated Succa along with many pictures  of the members of this congregation.

Succa in Old Synagogue
Composite plus Topaz Simplicity Filters

Entrance to Synagogue Courtyard
Another composite of the Old Synagogue and Ezrat Nahsim
the women's section

Our security escort

One of the many Boutique Hotels in the Mallach
Jewish Quarter
Leaving the Quarter  the Old cemetery of Marrakech
Will write more about the Morocco and Jewish connection in a separate post

Leaving Marrakech for the  Mountains through the  Ourika Valley. On the way we visited a typical Berber home and learned much about their traditions.... what views and what hospitable people.  it was very dark inside and I don't use flash my images are a bit grainy.

View from the upper balcony

Another view

A typical Casbah

View of the kitchen

Entrance area

Having tea with a special ritual.
That white lump is sugar!!!

Stopped at the tomb of Rabbi Solomon Bel-Hench

There are many tombs of Jewish Tzadikim (Saints) scattered in Morocco. The tomb of  Solomon Bel-Hench, who was the revered Head Rabbi of Marrakech. I found this interesting video. Muslims and Jews make pilgrimages to this tomb.

Composite of the courtyard

Tomb of Rabbi 
Solomon Bel-Hench

Picnic grounds on the Ourika river which flows all year round. many rickety bridges cross the river to many picnic grounds. Some picnickers put their tables and chairs  in the river. 

Picnicking on the Ourika River

River crossing

Have to be very careful
Look straight ahead and not down!

All along the road there are many vendors for food and of course souvenirs. One little shop much like a game arcade for playing hand football and pool.  Yael took her hand against the sons of the owners. 

The boys won every match!!!

We arrived back at the hotel late afternoon, time for some relaxing time at the pool early dinner and then off to the Fantasia.  It was an interesting show, but I guess my expectations were too high.  The sounds and colors were fantastic but, in the end I felt a little let down. 

Fantasia in Marrakech