Thursday, May 16, 2019

Another Great PYHAS Lesson

I am beginning to pick and choose the lessons on PYHAS otherwise I am totally becoming overwhelmed. One of my painting goals is portraiture. Really loved this lesson and the process so much different from the way I use my oils. What I really loved with this demo was the calm soothing voice of Dominique Medici .  It really helped to keep my stress away.  This exercise was done with the Zorn palette. Black, my chromatic black of raw umber and ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, white, and cadmium red,  I dove straight in so my mixes aren't what I would like so I will go back to do a color study of the paints for my next portrait. Dominique builds the portrait in 4 majors stages each timed to about 20minutes. All done alla prima, wet on wet!  First, the proportions of the shapes and angles with thin black paint, next blocking in the darks. third blocking in the colors, and last, what she calls the edges, which include highlights and darks, soft and hard edges, textures and additional drawing with paint. When the buzzer buzzes... done! Now, how cool is that. You now know when you are finished. Dominique says that 1.5 to 2.5 hours is great for this practice. The demo was filled with lots of encouraging words. The key is to build your skills slowly. 

I think I got some of his essence. This is one process that I will practice again for sure.

Thinking of Times Gone By
Oils on Gessoed Cardboard
14 x 14.5 "
stage 3 & 4

Stage 1

Stage 2
Not complete I see


Now I see that I got his tilt wrong. Can't seem to shut up that inner critique!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Visiting Artist at Workshop

What a treat we had today at our weekly workshop. Because Reuven was traveling abroad he brought as a substitute teacher Marik Lechner an important young Israeli artist. We had a short lecture about his thoughts on art and slideshow of some of his works. After he made the rounds and gave his thoughts on our work. A real treat!

Some of his thoughts:
 Don't wait for the muse, it may not come
Take risks, don't fall in love with parts
Have fun!

Happy Summer in Buttonwoods
60 x 120 cm
Oils and Oils Sticks

Am trying to revise and painting from 2012. Did some sanding, see horizontal marks. Reuven says, happy accidents! 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Checking off the List

I seem to be always making lists. To do stuff, what I want to do today, mostly dealing with my creative practice, which seems to be so overwhelming that I am exhausted before I even start.
This post was at the head of my list, maybe almost a week ago. I am now going to date them as if that will help in some ways. Two were left undone. When I finish this post one left which I  put on today's new list. The old one in the wastebasket.

Amir, 17, where have all those years gone! May you reach all your goals!

Reaching for the Stars
Wrapped canvas 
47.5 x 23.5"
Oils and Oil Sticks