Sunday, April 23, 2017

Out of the Box

When you come to a roadblock, take a detour. (Barbara Bush)

Each year Heleni prepares a special project that we work on at home and bring in for a general critique.  This year was a bit different. We were to prepare a presentation verbally and visually about a subject, concept, or idea, not necessarily about art. We all drew lots and each week, we take a break from our work for the presentation. On the 18th of April, my turn came.  

Instead of giving a talk about getting out of the box I decided that it would be better to have them do it as part of an exercise.  I brought paper, crayons, colored markers, charcoal etc. So I told them to start a drawing and timed it to 5 minutes. Then instructed them to tear the paper in two sections. Place one section face down and continue on half that was shown for 2 minutes. Then do the the same for the second half. Then I asked them to cut the halves in half and gave another 2 minuteson each quarter. 

Neomi and I made a collage of the work on a cardboard format. 

100 x 70 cm

We mixed them all up for this collage,here is an Album link where you can see the work as well as some general images. All had a grand time and I hope that somehow I helped them look at their art with a new perspective.

My Visual Display

10 x 20 x 6 cm

I got out of the box by making small statues in small boxes. Haven't done this type of work since my college days!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Doodle Doodle Dandy

The workshop is not a class to make art; it is a class to make mistakes, to rework, not to make finished pieces. (Rick Rotante)

I am really glad to get back to blogging. Holidays behind us. I hope that those that celebrated Easter, Passover, and any other holiday around the world had enjoyable family times. We had a long two weeks break from workshop and I am glad to get back. This week was my turn to make a presentation. This year our home projects were to prepare a presentation on a topic or concept and present it verbally as well as visually.I will post more on my next blog. I didn't do much in class, didn't even take out paints. Had a piece of heavy brown paper, and a few stencils and started just to doodle away with just an HB pencil. 

Started on the bottom left with free doodles and then used some stencils and masks of stuff I got from a craft store. I am still debating what to do with this, sort of kitschy right now. Probably some washes and then we'll see. 

Pencil Trails WIP
25.5 x 35.5 cm
Brown Paper Hb Pencil

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Fun with Paper II

For me a square is not really an abstract shape. It's more like a window. And a rectangle for me, really is a door, something we could pass through. (Pat Martin Bates)

About the quotes. I am learning about new artists. Her work is amazing.

Aside from my writing course, I am also taking two other courses through MoMA. The first is In the Studio Postwar Abstract paintings   What is different about this course is that the instructor demonstrates how the painter worked in the studio and invites participants to try their hand. The first painter is Barnett Newman, a painter that I was not familiar with. Haven't tried his zip technique but it is amazing, I can't wait to try. Remember he painted these in the 1960's!

This is a continuation of Fun with Paper I. These papers are a light beige color not as heavy as the red.

An Orange Sea
36 x 25
Oils with Cold Wax

Through the Window
25 x 36
Oils with Cold Wax