Monday, April 16, 2018

Mythology a Modern Take

Our monthly challenge is a sort of mashup based on any mythological story. Sort of a modern-day interpretation. Decided on the story of Perseus and Madusa. My mashup, interpretation, is based on the fact that Perseus had to use a magic shield in order not to look at Medusa's face. Wonder Woman is my hero in the fight against domestic violence! I used domestic violence as an example of any social issue, it could be violence against animals, environmental, racial etc. On the shield, I placed some images over the face of Medusa. Well, the moral of the story is that we shouldn't hide issues in a mirror but face them head-on. A little far-fetched!

For this project, I made a digital composite in Photoshop and really enjoyed the process!

Don't hide behind a Mirror
Digital Composite
11 5/8 x 16 5/8 "

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

New Starts and Paper Doll Tweak

Since I am having trouble big time with my lightbox on blogger I am going to try something new. Which didn't work so although they are clickable they may open too large to handle? Since I don't know what browser you use I can't know what you will see.

I Have Finished Playing Here
300 gm gessoed watercolor paper
oils and cold wax
click to enlarge
I added a few more dolls to obscure some of the prominent ones
and pushed back one on the left bottom side 

20 x 28"
Cut canvas wrapped on board
Collage  Oils  Cold Wax  Oil Sticks

19.5 x 16.5
Cut Canvas wrapped on Board
Collage Oils Cold Wax and Oil Sticks

Monday, April 9, 2018

Running Wild in Golden Fields

A while back I posted a "new start" sort of abstract landscape. Think I have brought it to some conclusion after ruining it in the process. Well, we all know that the process is the most important part.  One thing I have learned about my way of working is that I can't drag a piece on and on. It's either there or not. I am expert on messing up good starts. I am not going to show what went between.

Running Wild in Golden Fields
20 x 13.5"
Gessoed Watercolor Paper
Oils and Cold Wax
For some odd reason, my lightbox is NOT working! I am spending too much time on computer tech problems UGH!

I mentioned Topaz Studio in my last post and I want to write a little more about this fantastic software and I think a great tool. I know there is a discussion about the digital art etc. For me anyway, if a person can find an outlet for their creativity digitally it is kosher. I spent hours learning restorations and composites with Photoshop /Elements. My late brother, Eugene, did fantastically great composites. I will post some in another post.  I am familiar with the Topaz plug-ins that work with PS so when Studio came out I started to play around with it. It does have a learning curve and can be addictive. To make a long story short I won the lottery on one of the webinars Topaz runs for all the adjustments for Studio. Quite a WIN. 

Besides restorations and composites and of course editing photos I really didn't get into digital painting. I felt the need for hands-on paper, paints knives etc. The smell of oil paints really turns me on. So how can this tool help me? Mainly I use it as a seeing tool.  I have not used photographs as a reference in quite a while because  I found myself tied to the details and not the essence of the image. Well, Studio can come to the rescue.

Here I used an image from my recent shoot at Beit Jimal. Scroll down to Family Picnic.
Just played around with one. Click to enlarge!

Original edited
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4

Here I was playing with the adjustment Color Themes. Have to do more to see how this can help me with colors when I paint. I think you get the point!