Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Ingres A Mash-Up

Our first class project! Aesthetics and beauty, on the border of kitsch.  To help us out Reuven gave us an article written by Kant on the subject. I brought two entries, first one of my figure painting done in the e-course Feel the Pose see post, and a mash-up of Ingre's Reclining Venus. This is the second mash-up that I have done and really enjoyed the process.

The critique on my painting was favorable but my mash-up did not "do it" in Reuven's words. Needed a twist. Put on my "thinking hat" sometimes referred to as my Dotty hat.

Today I brought in the result and this time hit the bull's eye!  The only suggestion was to push the golden bed back so the figure gets the attention! I used several techniques in the process. Manipulation in the style of D'Vinci of the figure and black background transfer, transfer of view of the room behind which didn't turn out so well so I painted over in metallic paint, plus collage pieces crayons, acrylic, metallic paints, in short, all but the kitchen sink.

Further inquiry about the painting I found that it is a copy of the same nude by Titian for the sculptor
Lorenzo Bartolini 

But what is the real story behind the scenes? Who is the woman in the background, and why is the child seemingly crying. The woman, perhaps a handmaid, seems to be consoling the child! The naked woman, although called Venus, is perhaps awaiting her first client?

Reclining Venus

Mash-Up # 1

Mash-Up # 2

Mash-Up # 3

My first mash-up was done for an online course from Cousera in Art History from 

The best course so far that I have taken. The assignment was to do a mash-up of the famous painting by Valazquez. Las Meninas! I just looked at my folder for the course and YAY I have ALL the videos. I can now retake the course.

Mash-Up Assignment
Photo Montage

Las Meninas

After much thought, I felt that Las Meninas reminded me of the pageants for young girls that exploit
their femininity and sexuality. At my weekly workshop I noticed two Barbie dolls that my friend
Riva was working on and photographed them to use on my assignment. It is a riff on some of the
themes, exploitation, reflections, looking in and being seen and in this case the "photographers"

Saturday, October 13, 2018

More Transfer Experiments

I seem to be wandering all about. Did experiments in Gelli Plate transfers that didn't finish. Workshop figure studies to post and continue. This morning couldn' sleep so did some experiments in mono-printing on my Gelli plate. Hey there Carol, FOCUS!

OK, photographed the transfers so I can post. Seems every time I look and photograph there is something to tweak. Have to stop somewhere, they are really just experiments. Really was feeling the technique and if something worked it was just luck!

You can find the WIP here

Windows to my Soul
8 x 10 "
Heavy Textured Paper
Acrylics Collage Watercolor Neocolor I crayons 

Gel transfers references should be high contrasted. The first step with dark colors and second with lighter. These are fun to do, can be addictive. Lots of trial and error. I worked on the print with my wax crayons and decided to make use of the map as a frame.

"London isn't waiting for me
There too I'll be alone"
Chava Alberstein
9.5  x  13 "
Gelli print on a map of London

Print off press

Magazine page with added crayons

Magazine page after placing on the plate

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Seated Figure Tweaked

From the e-course

The last project for Feel The Pose course was a seated figure. Decided it needed a little tweaking, was too much a student painting. Still, more work to be done on the head and hair Actually I liked the first sketch better, more abstract!

WIP  Tweaked

Seated Figure Layer 3
Oil on Gessoed Paper

Seated Figure
9 x 11 " Sketchpad
Charcoal and Wax Crayons on Acrylic Background

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Gelli Printing Transfers

Wow, October already! September challenges finished. New year, new start. Workshop tomorrow YAY!

During September I did some experimenting with transfers with Gelli printing. Really tricky need just the right contrast image and paint combinations. But, whatever the outcome, there is always something to work with.

Brayered the reference with some colors and used sections as collage pieces. Added watercolor and wax crayons. Love how the crayons lay on the acrylic. After photographing I see more interesting shapes I may develop.

8 x 10 "
Heavy Textured Paper
Acrylics Collage Watercolor Neocolor I crayons 

Print from transfer

Reference Photo
Not enough contrast

No real relationship between the reference!

PS Instagram down to 190! I am following JUST 25-26! Maybe a few more that aren't following me.
Got that down from more than 2000 YIKES

Monday, October 1, 2018

Sept 30x30 Challenge Collage

Collage Day   30 in 30

Another challenge is over! This was an exceptional challenge this month. First all the holidays, tomorrow Simchat Torah, an online course Feel the Pose, and 30 x 30! Tomorrow I feel like I will be going on vacation! Deserve a rest but not for long, want to keep up the creative momentum!

Photo Montage
Click to Enlarge