Monday, February 10, 2014

Daily Paintings February # 36

Cone flower # 36

Oils on corrugated cardboard
17 x 24 cm

Took part on Wetcanvas all media art event.  This weeks the WDE was hosted by Elaine.  She really  us a challenged us this week... she posted all the references in B&W and since tone is the thing we had full range to add the colors....  17 x 24 cm corrugated cardboard....oils done with palette knife.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Daily Paintings February # 35

Mugs and glasses  # 35

A small study of a few glasses and mugs on my kitchen shelf.... Made a close crop of the reference  image and liked the shadows of the mugs through the clear glasses.... Oils on corrugated cardboard  17 x 18 cm
done with palette knife...

 Oils on corrugated cardboard
17 x 18 cm

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Daily Paintings February # 34

Jug with Lemons  #34

20 x 27
Oils on corrugated cardboard

Last jug image.... one lemon behind the jug... palette used  Burnt Umber/ Naples Yellow Pale/ white/Payne Grey. The greens were a mix of the yellows ,Payne grey and white.   Don't know if I succeeded with the lemon behind the jug.... the was also done with the -stroke leave it alone-  which is difficult on this type of format...

A small sketch pad with heavy paper that I am going to use as color cards.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Daily Paintings February # 33

Jug with 2 lemons # 2

I am very proud of myself... Thursday is always a very busy day.... coming home from babysitting... soon lunch... and then weekly shopping.... I was very tired but decided to do a painting even in the late afternoon.
So did a quick sketch on cardboard after lunch and started painting after shopping... It was getting dark so was hard to get the colors the way I wanted.

This painting was done as a the stroke challenge from DPW where you put down a stroke and leave it... no fiddling!!! Well I can't say I stuck to the rules 100% but there was certainly less fiddling.

I masked out an area on a dull purple acrylic toned corrugated cardboard format  27 x 20 cm it . Painted in oils with a palette knife... Photo was taken with my tablet cut off the borders. Will take a new one with all the borders. Its something different!!!

 20 x 27 cm
Oils on corrugated cardboard

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Daily Paintings Sketch

 Jug and Lemons Sketch

This is a test to see what I can do with blogger app on the tablet. So far I can't see how to add an image.  Last night I drew a sketch of the jug with lemons from a different view. Took a photo using the tablet so its here in the camera's gallery.


I finally found where to put in the image but could not regulate the size...  Also could not write under the image... only in middle... couldn't find where to format text to the side.
Conclusions are that I don't think I'll keep the app... better to wait a day and do it properly.... or prepare the text and publish on the the browser on the tablet....  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Daily Paintings February # 32

Daily Paintings  February  #32

Took a lot of photos of this simple jug this morning from many angles. Had 2 lemons freshly picked on the table so added them for a bit of interest.  The photo I chose had a stark simplicity of the jug against  the white wall, table and patterned tablecloth.   

23 x 29 cm
Oils on gessoed corrugated cardboard

Maybe I should have done it portrait format instead of landscape... have to learn to mix those subtle yellow browns... after wiping the jug down and trying again felt enough fiddling for today.... .

Reference Image

Feedback and constructive criticism....most welcome!!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Daily Paintings February # 31

Daily Paintings  February  # 31

Ok... so what's with the 31... well 31 follows 30 and since I did 30 daily paintings in January I am continuing the numbering pattern....too 120 and counting. I did try doing 120 paintings from the result of a webinar with Larry Seiler  at wetcanvas.. but somewhere along the way ...need we say more!!! Decided this month to do more glass....until I get bored...the numbering will be only for the daily paintings and not my on going work that I do at my weekly workshop.

The reference is from WDE events at wetcanvas...

23 x 29 cm oils on gessoed corrugated cardboard.  I toned the canvas with a very dark grey green...done with a palette knife.
Would love feedback and constructive criticism....!!!!