Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Geraniums by the Window

The reference for this still life is from the WDE of Febuary 1 2013 that was hosted by  artbyjune/June. Took the reference to my workshop. Oil on canvas 29 x 41 cm from a canvas block ...

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Here are "work in progress" photos.

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Jugs with Fruit

The reference for this small still life is from the WDE weekend drawing events on wetcanvas. This from WDE of January 11 2013  hosted by  JEFrantz- Jean.. The is a small 21 x 29 cm oil on canvas from a canvas block.  Took the reference to my weekly workshop class in B&W so the coloring is my imagination.
When I thought I was finished, Heleni, said it was correct but looked more like a still life exercise... parve... and said I should try to put some "soul" to it.... didn't take a photo of the first stage..Heleni said it was an improvement and could have had more fun,,,

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sculpture Drawing

Portrait of Mrs. Vitali
statue by Manzu

Among the blogs I follow is the Daily Paint Works.... this week their challenge is to Paint a statue... Last year I did two paintings of statues by Marini Marino  but they are not kosher to post because of the rules that state only work after the challenge is posted.  Just a plain graphite sketch in my brown paper sketch book...23 x 30 .. which may develop into a painting This statue from a photo in book on the Italian sculptor Manzu. .

Friday, March 1, 2013

Nudes from Marini Sculptures

These painting were done from some photos of sculptures by the Italian artist Marino Marini.  Actually I majored sculpture about a million years ago.... but now I am doing more sketching and painting. His sculptures are inspirational. as I was working on the painting with the palette knife it almost felt as if I was back modeling clay.

 Oils on 40 x 60 cm stretched canvas using the palette knife. Limited palette.

 Dancer  done in 1949
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Nude  done in 1935 (detail)
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