Sunday, March 4, 2018

Workshop Catching Up

This has been an incredible 30 days. Because of the challenge, I haven't posted any of my workshop pieces. Now is the time to try to catch up.

I started working on wood and still have some that I haven't brought to a conclusion.  This piece is on a masonite panel with a white flat smooth surface. I didn't gesso the panel after a discussion with Reuven. He suggested that I see and experience the panel as is.  Well, it was quite a struggle and in the end, I really missed the texture of the canvas. I have 2 other larger panels and thought that maybe I should try the textured side to see how I feel and how it takes the paint. I can always turn it over and gesso the smooth side.

In Every Way it's Still a Family Affair
12.5 x 19.5"
Masonite Panel
Oils & Cold Wax

In the process of adding paint and scratching out forms began to emerge. 

Detail Top Left
Collage Piece

Detail Middle Right


Completely Out of Contro;

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