Wednesday, March 30, 2016


This simple collage was inspired by one of the photos I took at a lookout in Moshav Amirim.
It was an overcast morning so no sunrise... white sky.
Part of my experimentation with collage especially newsprint with added drawing and painting,

Newsprint collage on cardboard
Graphite drawing plus wash
5o x 35 cm

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Wall

This is another of my newsprint collages.  It took many turns pasting and removing elements. My original conception based loosely on a photo I took of a blooming pink tree with an interesting gate took a different turn as art often does. Don't know if it is finished but am posting while it still sits and I can read and tell if I want to tweak.  The last stage I went over the image with transparent oils, sap green and alizarin crimson to unify the image.

Newsprint collage + oils
50 x 35 cm
on cardboard

Various stages

started color

repasted newsprint

more color

Monday, March 28, 2016

First Plein Air

I recently joined an Art Association [Hebrew]for my area. One of the activities is going out and painting or sketching in Plein air.  This was my first painting done in an open field near the Yahud cemetery.

Flatlands around our area.  I may tweak this in the future to put more contrast in the trees.  I am really not good at tweaking and it usually ends up worse than it is.  I liked how the tree silhouetted against the sky.

Oils on canvas wrapped on cardboard
30 x 40 cm

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Diptych Snake Plant Collage

These past weeks have been pretty hectic. First my computer died.... this was on the 19th of February just as we were going for our planned family gathering in Moshav Amirim. My daughters had planned a double birthday for me and my husband.  We also celebrated the February birthdays of my daughter Naomi and grand-daughter Lior.

 I knew my XP was cracking up but was reluctant to change because two hardware devices would be obsolete.  My trusted Benq scanner and the Wacum Graphic Tablet my late sister Susan sent me. At least, my hard disks were reachable. When we returned my computer refused to re-install XP or any other operating system.  Seems we have to buy a new computer.

So now its re-building the new computer with all the programs...etc which can e stressful.
Along with this twice a day training Lilly, my dog, and weekly trips to Jerusalem for babysitting duty.
Thank goodness for my weekly workshop my painting would be at a total standstill.

Continuing with my new collage work... cut - paste - paint!!!Painted mainly with the palette knife.

2 40 x 40 cm wrapped canvas
Newsprint oil paint

stage I
pasted newsprint