Saturday, March 3, 2018

Collage Time February 30in30 2018

Decided this time to try to make my own collage in Photoshop! Didn't really realize that putting 30 layers and controlling their placement would be so challenging but once started there was no return. I am stubborn that way! I remembered the little box in PS when in moving tool, auto-select, that helped me immensely. Hey, I even added text! 

This challenge was almost stress-free because I worked in series. Gelli printing makes that possible because you don't get the whole setup for printing just one, do you? My main time consumer was the extra photographing, editing, posting, titles etc. Hope to keep up the momentum, actually have 2 pieces left over, my workshop pieces to post, and 6 new at some stage of process.

Learned so much this month, Color combinations, composition, surprises, things not to do, paper qualities, probably lots more! Met some great new artists. A real treat, thank you, Leslie, for hosting and letting us publish on your site.

See What One Month Can Do
Final Digital Collage
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Don't forget to check out Leslie's challenge page!

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