Saturday, February 28, 2015

Workshop # 53 Traudi's Window

Workshop # 53  Traudi's Window

Another in my window series... took a lot of photos at Traudi's lovely home... this one is in the bathroom... Did some cropping and manipulations to fit my format...
Oils and charcoal drawing.. I did pre-mix my colors and tried to paint colors shapes and not to fiddle too much....I really want to get to finish a painting in one session..

29 x 35 cm Oils on wrapped canvas painted with palette knife with some charcoal drawing...

first stage

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Workshop #52 Yossi's Salon

Workshop #52  Yossi's Salon

Yossi is my hairdresser and his salon is quite unusual.  He loves art and has a very nice collection of art work on the walls and his furniture has "flea market" all over them.  Even the booths are old fashioned
Last visit while waiting I photographed the unusual sofa on the opposite wall.... there was a very good reflection of Yossi  which I tried to get but didn't succeed... so off it came.... may try with pencil or my wax crayons when its a bit of for baby-sitting duty!!!

30 x 30 cm Oils on wrapped canvas with palette knife.

Well I decided to put Yossi back in the mirror.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Workshop # 51 Lisbon Nook

Workshop # 51  Lisbon Nook

I have had this reference  photo for ages... I had downloaded it from a  WDE event last November from wetcanvas . These a Weekly Drawing Events that start on Friday and continue all week. The event was hosted by Wendy aka Sundiver.. This event had wonderful photos some I downloaded and hope to paint.. The reference library has thousands of wonderful photos posted by its members, me included.  In order to download images you have to be a member and have posted at least 3-4 posts on the various forums..

I loved the subtle colors of this reference. Although I changed some of them.  Did this in stages in my weekly workshop. I tend to work several simultaneously.

30 x 30 cm   Oils on wrapped canvas using a palette knife.


One of the stages

Workshop #50 Naomi's Sofa

Workshop  #50  Naomi's Sofa

Before the January 30 in 30 challenge I started to do some small old door and windows facades, then a few window views and now some interiors.  I remember listening to  Leslie's blogtalk radio program interview with Connie Hayes and her interiors.... I was hooked... I know I have a long way to go. I really like this subject matter... has lots of possibilities....

30 x 30 wrapped canvas...oils mainly done with the palette knife..  My daughter's leather sofa with pillows!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Painting Flowers with Leslie I

Painting Flowers with Leslie I

This month I decided to jump in and take an "online" course with Leslie Saeta... this month painting flowers. A beautiful bouquet of white flowers on the window sill. I always loved the simplicity of Leslie's paintings and hope to learn more about her pre-mixing and palette knife technique.

These post will be work in progress.... so first the sketch.... On gessoed cardboard... 13 3/4 x 10 1/2 " It's a bit cut off..... panel is slightly larger than my scanner head... but you can get the general idea...

Now to start color mixing!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Workshop #46 - #49 Small Birds

Back to the Workshop

During the January 30 in 30 I continued painting in my weekly workshop but neglected to photograph, edit and blog.  So before I jump into my "online " class given by Leslie Seata this month I am posting these small painting that I did of some very small bird statues that I photographed at my daughters' house.  These are very small not longer than 15 cm.  Played around with them photographing from various angles.  Some of the colors in the references were bluish so I went with that palette... they are actually various shades of browns... I was fascinated by the negative shapes surrounding the birds.

23 x 23 cm cut canvas that I mounted on a board. Oils mainly using a palette knife...