Sunday, March 25, 2018

Oh Why Did I Pick That Horrid PINK

Maybe it was the thought of another "paper doll" painting.  Girly I may have thought! Don't even remember if it was a favorite color when I was a child. Although it just popped into my head that my Sweet Sixteen dress was a very pale pink tulle, not the gaudy pink in this. Now the question, should I change it before class or leave it to discuss with Reuven. Hey there, you know very well that Reuven is NOT going to tell you what to do. Question answered!

22.5 x 15"
300 gm gessoed watercolor paper
oils and cold wax
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Family Picnic

We have at least 2 family picnics a year. Winter birthdays and summer birthdays. This year the winter birthdays were delayed, not important why! This was a special picnic because my youngest daughter and family will be embarking on 6 month trip to the Far East day after the Passover Seder, so it was a Bonjour picnic as well. Won't share my thoughts because they are really mixed up right now.

The picnic location was at Beit Jimal overlooking the valley Elah, where David and Goliath had their battle.(1 Sam. 17:2, 19), breathtaking even on an overcast day!  A few views. Click to enlarge

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