Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Workshop Barn-house


Trying to catch up.  This was done end of April so I am posting that date!!!.  Continuing with working on pressed cardboard. This was done on red ochre toned cardboard.  I am really liking the effects of using this medium although there things that I can't do because it is essentially a paper.

Trying to explore the textures using diluted paint and thicker layers using a palette knife.

 Oils on Cardboard
37 x 52 cm

Interested Kitty
On table easel
Have since bought a new easel

Friday, April 25, 2014

Workshop Farm House with Chickens

Another farm house done on grey pressed cardboard. Oils using brush and palette knife. I am really enjoying this media and am learning to cope with the pros and cons.  One can't use the baby wipes to take off paint as one can on canvas because of the paper structure of the cardboard... but if it is still wet can be very lightly taken off with a palette knife and when dry painted over.  Not too happy with the way the chickens came out.

35 x 45 

Workshop Landscape on Hard Pressed Cardboard

I have been experimenting with this new format which is a hard 1/8" thick grey cardboard... I use mostly oils which take on a new quality because the format absorbs much of the oil and it dries faster allowing work in several layers... I use brush and palette knife. In this image I also used wax/oil crayons.  Painted on an red ochre background. 

38 x 52 cm

Workshop He Walked Through the Fields III

In this previous post   He Walked Through The Fields  I was not satisfied with just the two tones so I decided to change it adding the touch of greens.  Felt the sky was too blue and added colors to the fields



Oil on stretched canvas 50 x 70 cm. A fragmented approach to the landscape near the spa Hamei Yoav. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Live Figure Drawing Marathon Tel Aviv Musuem

What a surprise when Lea called and asked me if I wanted to join!!! What a question!!!!
Below is an invite postcard from the Museum showing a figure beside one of the paintings... We were in this gallery and had a similar pose.....

Invite Flyer 

It was a wonderful experience that I hope will continue.... really need the practice....