Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Paper Dolls Glue and one great Mess

Sometimes ideas run through our head. Some vanish before we can write the ideas down, but some are more persistent! I think Cookie has been nagging me because this paper doll thing doesn't go away.

As a child, I LOVED paper dolls. Most all my allowance money would be spent at the nearest 5 and 10 cent store.  My best friend Denise and I would spend hours playing, dressing etc. Until my father decided I had to grow up and trashed all my dolls.

Oh, and glue. When gluing these dolls made from newspaper, I guess I didn't quite screw the top on good and squeezing made a HUGE  puddle on the substrate. Spread out the glue and decided to dip them in and paste on another substrate. What a mess, some got deformed, lost a limb or head in the process. But in the end was better than the perfect way! Forgot to take a photo.

Well, this is the result. I have also cut out some more "dolls" for another, who knows maybe more!

22 x 15 "
300 gm gessoed watercolor paper
oils and cold wax
click to enlarge

I played around with some stencils and got some interesting effects.

Loving playing with my "dolls" again!
Now after all my computer problems with blogger the only thing not working is Location!
Posting fro Neve Monosson, Israel  Fixed I don't know how!

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