Thursday, August 23, 2018

Summer Sadna the Best

Incredible! These past two months of extended workshop classes were just that, incredible! I learned more in these months than in the 10 months of our regular workshop classes. Conclusion, we need more directional instruction.

July was Oils, for me back to the basics, for others an introduction.  August, mixed media month, using unconventional materials, collage, and assemblage, was a mind opener, even for me as I use collage and various mediums a lot.

I loved the mid time critiques that sometimes overflowed to the end of class! 

Critique Line-Up

This week we were to work in collage. But, before we start we were to write down our intentions or concept. 
Homework - write a short text on a free subject that interests you (identity, family, nature, or something more specific like a portrait, car, etc.) that has an idea of duality or more, Then write why it will be the exact subject and right for you to create it in collage
The purpose of writing - to refine and clarify the thought
Remember thoughts are words
When I think of collage I generally think in abstract terms, usually color, shapes, and forms, lines, and textures. Sometimes I start with painting shapes and colors and then adding collage pieces and sometimes I start with pasting collage pieces and then painting. I don't generally start with a specific concept, but had this thought of Jail as maybe a starting idea.
What is a jail?
Physically and mentally? Do we make our own jails?  Can we break out of them?
What color is jail? Black, no light no hope desperate? A feeling of great loneliness!
I often find myself in this place.

"Loneliness is a complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to isolation. Loneliness typically includes anxious feelings about a lack of connection or communication with other beings, both in the present and extending into the future. As such, loneliness can be felt even when surrounded by other people."

Word associations:
Out of control, prison, jail, confinement, gaol, penitentiary, lockup, dungeon, solitary confinement,
imprison, incarcerate,  put away, immure, prohibit, ban, forbid, arrest, bar, mental block

19.75 x 13.75 "
Gessoed paper with Sienna layer
For this, I have to put on my "Dotty" hat

The next group I made starts in acrylic paint on watercolor paper to start my collage

Behind the Veil
13.75 x 13.75 "
Acrylic Collage Wax Crayons

Am I Dreaming
13.75 x 13.75 "
Acrylic Collage Wax Crayons

Next week our last session and Brachot* for the New Year! Continuing with our concepts using everything under the sun, mixing mediums like acrylic and oils, paints and crayons or pencil. Anything goes. Best to start to work at home.  I will be continuing with the starts I made

 Bracha is a blessing or benediction recited at specific times during services and rituals. ... A Bracha can also be said when someone experiences something that makes them feel like uttering a blessing, such as seeing a beautiful mountain range or celebrating the birth of a child.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tel Aviv A City in White Assemblage Composition

My abstract interpretation of Tel Aviv as The City in White using assemblage as a medium. Materials used were cardboard substrate plus a pressed cardboard form, bubble wrap used with oils and cold wax medium.

City in White
16.75 x 13.75 "
Cardboard Bubble Wrap
Oils + Cold Wax

City in White  Side View
16.75 x 13.75 "
Cardboard Bubble Wrap
Oils + Cold Wax

City in White  Detail
16.75 x 13.75 "
Cardboard Bubble Wrap
Oils + Cold Wax

City in White  Detail
16.75 x 13.75 "
Cardboard Bubble Wrap
Oils + Cold Wax

Don't know if I rose above the kindergarten child making a cardboard construction?

Don't know if I even conveyed a city?

As an abstract I like it.

Would I try this medium again? I'll keep an open mind!

Next week Collage!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

What Assemblage!

Assemblage, I had never heard of this art medium! Reuven asked me to search various artists working in this field for the summer group.  So first Wikipedia for more information.  One particular artist I researched was Anselm Kiefer, a German artist working in this field.  Below 2 short videos of his work.

14 minutes

 14 minutes

So for a week, I have been collecting various items that could be used.  Found an old cardboard that I had pasted strips of cardboard, a pressed cardboard wrapping piece that came with some item bought were my main starting points... Somehow white was the color running through my head. I also brought various pieces of bubble wrap that I had used in Gelli-printing.

My main concern was the feeling that I was somehow in kindergarten making constructions with cardboard item like toilet paper rolls etc, which I also brought along with my pile of junk. I had to overcome and go beyond. Reuven asked, what is the title... White City thinking of Tel Aviv.... work with that! 
From the Side

Critique:  Needs a twist. The red is to obviously placed, the right piece in the right place! 


Addition of another strip of bubble wrap. NOT ENOUGH! Don't want more elements, going back to kindergarten.  Actually, the answer is right in front of me. It's too gray! Painting cardboard tray white will test this option in PS!

Open for suggestions! I can't say that this medium really speaks to me. Maybe I need more JUNK!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Anything Goes What's on the Shelf

Last week we brought to class unconventional substrates to paint on. August will be lessons using different media and different substrates. Lots of interesting substrates were brought in as you can see from the video. Lower the sound, couldn't find out how to not use sound. This was the halfway point where discussed our work in progress. 

 I chose to bring to class the styrofoam food containers. Worked in oil crayons and oils. Wanted to go "with" the original use and do figurative work but found difficulties with the three-dimensional walls of the substrate.  In the end, I painted over and then packaged the product.


Baby Peppers  SALE

It was a fun project!
Tomorrow "Assemblage"

Friday, August 3, 2018

Are We Really in August

This summer is certainly going fast. Last lesson in our intro into oil painting. Our mentor Ariel Asseo,  How to layout the colors on our palette, the importance of putting out all our colors, 2 of each primary, 2 whites and a brown. How to read a reference landscape photo and lots of other tips along the way.

I brought a few photos and chose, in the end, one of the rolling fields of Heval Lachish that I shot. Really miss these views. Views that I see traveling back from Hamai Yoav Spa.

Again working on a heavy gessoed paper that I painted a foundation of burnt sienna in acrylic. I am really enjoying working on gessoed paper.

Oh How I Miss You Hevel Lachish
Oils on Gessoed Paper
20 x 13.75 "

Next week we have a month of "Mixed Media". Not the kind that you are used to like collage, drawing, and painting etc. Asked to bring in unconventional supports. Will keep you informed!