Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30 x 30 Challenge # 30 Gift Shop

January 30 x 30 Challenge  # 30  Gift Shop

This challenge was like traveling Waze...  you have now reached your destination  what a fabulous journey.. now to choose a new creative destination ....let you in on a secret... signed up for Leslie's February online class... so February's journey should be wonderful.... so bring on the flowers!!!!

Well who doesn't like browsing in a gift shop... all those creams and lotions, bathing suits and towel robes... colorful towels..

Took on more than I could chew.  I had a hard time simplifying the areas....wanted the essence of an overloaded shop but wanted simplicity as well    Put aside one which didn't work at all and started a different composition the other day and put it aside for tweaking today. In the spirit of ....

I want to thank all that looked at my work..and especially those that found the time to comment.. much appreciated... Hope you all enjoyed your trip to Hamei Yoav Spa !!!

20 x 20 Heavy Brown Paper Neocolor I wax pastels plus pencil work... This was done in several stages coloring + medium and drawing and more color.  Then felt it need some oomph so added color dipping the crayons in medium  and drawing... Did I pull it off???

Here is first stage

  First composition


Meredith Adler said...

Congratulations, Carol! Seeing these wonderful pieces has been one of my favorite parts of the challenge! Looking forward to seeing your collage (!) and continuing to follow your next adventures, as always...

Yes, this has the feel of a crowded gift shop! Sounds really fun to dip into the solvent. I really like the gesture of the woman glancing upward. Her yellow dress against the blues and reds really is a nice interplay, too.

Carol, as I look back on the last few posts, I don't see any comments, and I know I have commented on all of them????

Carol Edan said...

Thanks Meredith... Your words are always heartwarming
Don't know why they are not showing... have approved all.... will check!!!

Pasted second time don't know what is going on!!!

Rolina Koz said...

Well done on completing the 30 in 30 challenge!

Kathy Elliott said...

I love it! I have looked forward to each of your paintings, you are so creative!

Carol Edan said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words

Carol Edan said...

Thank you so much!!! Congratulations to you as well!!!