Thursday, October 13, 2011

# 1 Amonene Crayon Sketch

This is more or less a crayon sketch for a larger work that I started in my art workshop. I will be doing a series, 4 for a start , of some Israeli wildflowers. The work will be on 40 x 40 cm stretched canvases in oil mainly using palette knives. One main reason for the sketches is that I usually don't paint in one session... wet on wet... my colors get muddy ... I really want to get to the stage where I know what colors I want and put them down once...

Main concerns will be color, shapes and tonal mapping. I will be doing some digital sketches and crayon sketches which I wet with medium to create a more painterly patches.

Done on heavy paper 15x15 cm using oil/wax crayons [Carand'ache]

1 Calanit

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