Wednesday, October 26, 2011

# 8 Red Grapefruit

When I spotted the grapefruit I really like the patterns it made... but not happy with the results... mainly too much overworking on the crayons.... decided to try on regular cut board without the cloth and it really didn't have the same tooth...
20x20 cutting board Neocolor l crayons. About an hour... Colors from the scan are way too bright

#8 Grapefruit

After posting on wet canvas Larry kindly offered some help and after I sent a photo,not exact, of the setup he showed me the area of color in a gif  image.

Reference Photo

Not the exact replica ... click on the image to view Larry's corrections...COOL

Tweaked Grapefruit
Tried to remove some of the paint but board began to fray so stopped... Not much I could do... took a photo this time so the colors are better but not exact...

Time to move on!!!

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robertsloan2art said...

Colors are definitely better. Your changes to the shape of the fruit make it more abstract, which is also cool.