Thursday, October 20, 2011

# 5 Geranium Leaves

#5 Geranium Leaves

In my last post I mentioned collecting and preparing various formats for my almost daily paintings.  One format that I made was covering a heavy matte board with some left over unbleached cloth from my sewing days.
I glued the cloth using regular plastic glue... and kept them under heavy books to keep them from warping... then I laid down an acrylic paint .... could have used gesso but I am bit down on that. Anyhow I did my fifth painting on this format with crayons and I really loved how it took to the crayons.... not so happy with the painting... had placed a sprig of geranium leaves in a small jar on the sill.... but really didn't capture the translucency of the leaves....have to improvise on the background because my window has latticed shutters and a hibiscus bush in the background . Here are some photos... the photo of the leaves taken  way after the painting... the patterns kept changing... another problem......size 18x27 cm  Caran D'ache neocolor I

Now looking at the setup I maybe should have done this from a photo and the background sort of faded not too bad.... and of course not at the exact angle.

Geranium Setup

Back and Front of the Format


robertsloan2art said...

I love the geranium leaves! These are so great. I'm very tempted to do a few pieces like this too, I have some cool things I could set out and work from. Including a large quantity of plastic fruit that are very realistic - the friend who helped me move gave them to me and they were so close to real that I can work from them if I work loose.

robertsloan2art said...

PS - this one is my favorite of yours so far, with Fall Faces a close second. It's gorgeous. This one just sings. Excellent setup with the cloth covered panel. I've got some corrugated cardboard. I might paint or cloth cover a piece to do something like that, maybe even fold a piece to have an L shaped setup.

dotcombs said...

Carol, Love your leaves. You really caught the sun through the green.

carol lee said...

Thanks Dorothy and Robert... just saw that there comments... thought I would get a notification... will check my account configuration...