Monday, October 31, 2011

# 9 Small White Jug

Real life sometimes gets in the way of well made plans...... on Wednesdays I usually travel to my daughter in the Jerusalem area.... come home on Thursday..... which is weekly shopping day... I know if I manage the time better I may be able to do sketches on those busy days.... but this week --nada... then cam Friday --morning cleaning and laundry and also had the the grand-kids for the weekend so there went 4 full days... I almost felt it was ages... Yesterday I made my light box... have to figure the lighting ... my small LED flashlight doesn't make much of impression... so I am using natural light from window or spot from desk lamp...

# 9 Small White Jug.... Cardboard covered with cloth - under painting acrylic almost black [chromatic]
Neocolor l crayons  about an hour.

# 9 Small White Jug 

Placement of the jug was too low... and a little lopsided!!!   

This small jug 8x10 cm is a souvenir from the spa town Baden Baden in Austria... used to drink the waters!!  


robertsloan2art said...

Lovely effect on the jug, the shine and the colors are just right. Good values.

I ran into that a lot for years, not placing the subject well enough to keep from kissing the edge or running it off the page awkwardly. This eventually convinced me to pencil sketch under my paintings just to place them well - it's so easy to make a small mistake and start going bigger till it hits an awkward placement.

Caroled said...

Thanks Robert... I usually pencil sketch... I remember the "no fly zone" from Johannes....