Friday, October 14, 2011

#2 Jar of Honey

After seeing so many beautiful works on the 120 thread on wetcanvas  my new mantra  " Don't compare!!!
Everyone starts at a different place and goes at a different pace!!!!" With that said here is #2.
This is really the first doing a live image and not from a photo.  It was already dark.... we've gone off daylight so at 6:30 PM its the middle of the night :(
This is a quick sketch of a jar of honey set on my table with light from a table lamp.  Crayon on paper.15x21 cm
Have to find some better tooth paper for crayon work.
Perspective is way off... had a problem with the viewing..seems each time I was viewing a different angle... will have to get that problem sorted out....

Today hopefully will try in daylight...


robertsloan2art said...

You know the perspective's off. I have to say you really captured the look of honey with a table lamp lighting it. I've got a jar of it on my side table and yep, you got it.

LBerry said...

I like the mantra 'dont compare'- everyone is so different. Robert is right you really got the light comming through the honey jar. love that!