Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#4 Tissue Holder on the Window Sill

I am still hanging in there... spent a few days gathering all sorts of formats and preparing them for small oil sketches... Haven't brought out the paints yet.... at home I usually do pencil and crayon sketches in various sketch pads... but plan to work more in oils.... which I do in my weekly art sadna [workshop].

I want to express how very interesting the last webinar presentation was ... 120 paintings..... I don't take notes but I do make screen shots so I can view at my ease.... and yesterday I went over them with my painting pal Neomi explaining what 120 was all about... English isn't her mother language... so its hard for her to follow a lecture in English... although she did register.... so we went over the slides...

She was impressed and committed also to do 120... by January... I have not made that bold a statement.... in any case to make a long story short and stop rambling.... I showed her my improvised set up on the windowsill ... we both have very limited work space at home to do paintings... no studio ...mine is in my computer room... I cover the table with old newspaper etc..very small and cramped...,, so I placed my wooden tissue paper holder on the small peice of carton and showed her.... this morning as the sun was shining through and the holder was still on the sill. I noticed nice light patterns so with no ado did a crayon sketch in my A5 sketch book.

I am really inspired at Jeff's blog and visit there often.... read the articles why 120... and what I have learned... and most of all I enjoyed the article on digital starts... this article made me take a second look at the photoshop potential in planning out value maps and testing out various color palettes...

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Jeff Mahorney said...

Thanks so much for the kind words about my blog, Carol! I can't tell you how rewarding it is for me to hear that parts of my blog were helpful in your journey toward the wonderful world of painting.
Best, Jeff