Monday, October 2, 2017

Mono-printing & Collage Exercise I

Mono-printing & Collage  Exercise I

Well, I welcome getting back to the shigra, routine. With September challenge over now, I can give full attention to my online course of Gelli printing and collage by Jane Davies. I have skipped around some so I have to go back a few lessons. However, I did 4 starts of collage then gel prints so I will post them first. These are definitely learning experiences. I need to control the amount of paint on the plate, I need more transparent paints, and I need a larger Gelli plate, which I have ordered! YAY!

23 x 33 cm 240grm
Layer Collage
Layer Gelli-print

I really could kick myself for not taking images before printing process. It would have been a great learning tool for me that I lost.

End of Summer
9" x 5.4"
Top Cut
Layer collage + crayons

Although I still have lots to learn with the combination of these techniques I rather like this piece.Thc contrasts of the lights and darks, The muted colors and the brights, The small collage piece work together.

9" x 5.4"
Bottom Cut
Layer collage + crayons

This piece seems to be at war. Each side fighting for my attention. I may remove that white piece that divides the image or maybe just separate the two!

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