Thursday, October 5, 2017

Collage & Mono-printing Exercise II

Mono-printing & Collage Exercise II

Start 10

There are many ways to incorporate collage and Gelli-printing. In lesson 4 Jane describes first printing some layers and then adding collage and the other way around collage pieces than Gelli printing. With both, there are steps where you can modify the prints and add other elements. These exercises were first collage and then Gelli printing, then more collage.

In start 10 there are already 3 layers: collage, Gelli print, collage + crayon.

Start 10
23 x 33 cm 240grm
Layer Collage
Layer Gelli-print

Hopes WIP
9" x 5.4"
Top Cut
Added more collage + crayons

Hopes 2 WIP
9" x 5.4"
Bottom Cut
Added more collage + crayons

 Although I an NOT completely happy with the results I am posting. Still not feeling totally in control!

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