Sunday, October 15, 2017

Collage & Gelli-printing Exercise III

Collage & Gelli-printing  Exercise III

Start 11

I am feeling quite overwhelmed by the amount of starts and pieces that I yet posted about. So I am starting the day editing photos and trying to catch up.  Start 11 was done with start 10. The process was first collage and then  Gelli-print and then more crayon work and maybe more collage. Working on the photos and seeing the work on the big screen on I could see that I could do more tweaks here and there. Maybe cut them for cards!

Start 11
23 x 33 cm 240grm
Layer Collage
Layer Gelli-print

Above the Mountains
9" x 5.4"
Top Cut

And Suddenly a Peacock Emerged
9" x 5.4"
Bottom Cut

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