Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Thirty in Thirty Collage 2017

 September Thirty in Thirty Collage 2017

Here it is October 1 time to post our collage! Whether it was 30-days or less it's always a win-win!
A big thank you to Leslie Saeta our host!

When entering a challenge I am pretty obsessive about posting every day, so I spend time beforehand thinking what I am going to do, size, medium etc so that I can fulfill my own expectations. September is always a busy month because of the High Holidays (Jewish) and all the family gatherings and preparations.  This month I decided to cut a larger start and work from there to make 4 smaller entries. This helped a great deal and it was a very good learning experience. All these gems will go to make greeting cards. I love this opportunity to experiment. Some work out well, others not.

I would also like to point out some frustrations. When I look through all the entries and find one that I would really like to comment on many times there is no LINK. I realize that having a blog to post is a lot of work but there are lots of places to upload images that don't require that amount of workm after all it has photographed and is on your computer.  To name a few: Flickr, Instagram, and Google photos. Each allows commenting. Also, many times when clicking on a thumb I get to an online shop, sometimes the image there has no relationship to the one on the blog, and there is no place to comment. So stand by your work and let us give you a pat on the back!

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