Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 15 September 30 x 30 2017

Day 15 September 30 x 30 2017

4th Start   Cut 3  Bottom Left

Start #4
23 x 33 cm
Ink Intense Pencils
Thanks Jen for your advice on your blog Day 13.
Don't paint when you aren't really in the "zone"
Take deep breaths to get there, I think of my breathing when I swim!
That there is something to learn from failure.

The cuts from series 4 did not seem to make it. I felt it but couldn't really put my finger on the problem. Actually, I know the problem, sometimes I am so afraid of screwing up, I seem to freeze. So I took them all and decided that since I can't scrape, working with crayons, I will try to sort of put a veil over them and sort of start again. Taking my watercolor white crayon, dipped in water and rubbed it over the pieces. Then just started to color again as if it was new and not related to what was before. 

My Flight into Fantasy
Heavy Paper
4.25" x 6.25"
Ink Intense watercolor pencils
Watercolor crayons 
Water medium

This was the before

Fixed Day 13 and 14 as well and will post separately!

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