Friday, January 1, 2016

Thirty Paintings --Thirty Days #1 Through the Branches

Here it is January 2016 and I have joined Leslie and many, many other artists in the new Thirty in thirty challenge.

This will be my fifth challenge, my first January 2014, September 2014, January 2015, September 2015, and now January 2016. Still a feeling of anticipation, and a bit of stress but hoping that I will gain valuable lessons, habits, meet great artists and have a lot of FUN.

I will be working in a relatively small format. Canvas wrapped  on cardboard 6 x 8 inches. Thanks to Traudi , she gave me many trimmings from her rolls of canvas.  This time, I will be working in oils wet on wet and impasto technique straight from the tube. My theme will be foliage but flowers may drop in. I will be using a split primary palette, cool and warm blues, reds and yellows but some earth colors may seep in.

So here we go!!!

Through the Branches
Canvas on Cardboard
8 x 6 Inches

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