Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thirty in Thirty Day 13 Blue Melody

Painting or exercise, that is the question? I am trying out a split primary palette, warm and cool blues, reds and yellows.  Decided to make some color charts to see how these colors mix.

The top row of the color chart shows the master color top left and the mixes with the other primaries.
Then I made graduations with white of each mix.  This first chart the master color was Prussian blue a cool blue with a very strong tinting power, which overpowered the other colors or I used too much of it in the mix...

Decided to use the leftover paints for a some small abstracts one in with the blues and one with greens. Some of the reasons of the challenge is to learn new things and have fun doing it.

Oils on canvas covered cardboard
6 x 8 "

Prussian Blue Chart
Top L- R Prussian Blue
Mixes with Ultramirine/ Alizarin Crimson//Cadmuim Red
Cadmium Yellow/ Lemon Yellow

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