Sunday, January 17, 2016

Thirty in Thirty Day 17 Orange Melody

I am really having a lot of fun doing my charts and the colors left over have helped me with lots of inspiration. for new works, mainly sort of abstract imaginary landscapes. This was painting on a toned canvas using mainly oranges, therefore, my orange melody.  I am a happy camper with this painting.

Oils on canvas wrapped cardboard
6 x 8"

My two Red Charts

Cadmium Red top left
Mixed with other primaries and graded with white
Mixes: l-r
Prussian blue- Ultramarine blue- Alizarin Crimson-Cadmium yellow- Lemon Yellow

Alizarin Crimson
Mixes l-r
Prussian blue-Ultramarine Blue- Cadmium Red-Cadmium yellow-Lemon yellow

Please note that these colors are not perfectly represented. I am not a pro at photography but they do give the general picture. 

I have in the front yard a canopy and an old TV chair that has seen better days.  It's a good place to photograph with shade., but sometimes disturbs the favorite sleeping spot of my yard cats..

Meet Lady, she had to investigate what is going on!!!


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