Friday, January 29, 2016

Thirty in Thirty Day 29 What If

Can't believe that this is almost the end of the challenge!!!! Usually, around this time I feel washed out, but now I feel that I have just got started, ready to continue.

Well, what a strange title.... What If.... well you all know that sometimes you think while painting, what if I put this color, what if I scrape [love scraping] this out etc. Well, this painting was built on what-ifs... First decided that .. what if I use my crayons instead of wet paint. What if I applied some medium... what if another layer... what if more crayon strokes etc.

I learned a lot of what the crayons could and could not do on canvas.... couldn't put more than 2 layers... couldn't crayon after the medium, have to wait for it to dry...

What If  Lonely Leaf
Caran d'Ache neocolor I
Canvas covered cardboard
6 x 8 "

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