Saturday, February 11, 2017

In Line for Messing and Cutting

This piece was done in the evening and was done with the intention of modifications, layering and cutting and more modifications.

Well, that's fine, but where do I begin. So many choices so many decisions! What now, what colors to use, what tools to incorporate. How am I going to cut it up?

Using heavy watercolor paper the first layer was done with watercolor pencil, dancing line, and watercolor crayons. I used water on this layer and then put a layer of matt medium.

I am doing a project for my art workshop that involves a presentation along with a piece of artwork of our making, painting, collage, photograph, sculpture etc. My topic is getting out of the box specifically in regard to creativity. I have been doing research and one thing I read is that restraints can increase creativity. So I shall choose a limited palette and work with acrylic paint using mainly the palette knife for my next layer.

Dancing Line WIP
35.5 x 42 cm

More thoughts for consideration, what do I like and what don't I like. Don't think these are relavent at this stage because I want to be intuitive as much as possible.

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