Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Extreme Composition Lesson 4 Collage

Lesson four is all about variety. How much variety can a composition take.? 
Using a variety of collage papers form a grid collage. Don't use the same collage piece twice.
Then using patterns made on transparent sheets try to connect the various elements. 

Collage I
22 x 33 cm

Collage II
22 x 33 cm

Collage III
22 x 33 cm

Used a variety of transparent papers: Thin plastic film, baking sheets, and wax paper.
Haven't been able to able to find tissue paper as yet. 

I have to be better organized. Have to have a bigger supply of options and then limit them.
Enjoyed the process, helped release pent-up energies. Not sure if the compositions work, they are still a bit fresh.

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