Thursday, February 9, 2017


I always look forward to receiving my RISD alumni bulletin. The minute I opened this winters issue I knew that I would use the cover for my next collage, The issue is mainly to do with self-reflections. In the January 30 x 30 I tried somehow to reach my inner self, sometimes succeeding and sometimes not. That is one faction of self-reflection.

I quickly tore up the pieces and randomly glued them to a piece of cut canvas, from my storehouse of cut canvases Traudi gives me when she trims from her roll of canvas,  Then in class, I started painting and then realized I hadn't taken a photo of the first stage.  Luckily I found the RISD site for these bulletins and found the cover. If you want to read the issue here is the link.

Cut Canvas 39 x 47 cm
Oils & Cold Wax

Winter 2017
Portrait of the artist 22 x 17" by Shahzia Sikander
one of four etchings published by Pace Editions

What attracted me to this print were the colors, grays and yellows, and the abstract quality of the marks. Found some other elements in the issue, mainly pasting them to the left side of the canvas.
Don't know if this is finished, but I do like this stage. Will bring it into class next week.

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