Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Catching Up

This past month has been a sort of roller coaster with the challenge and all that needs to be done to post and link. Also the end of the month with health issues that thankfully are better. So it's time to catch up with work done in my weekly workshop.

My weekly workshop is not like workshops that I have seen online, where everyone follows the demo of the artist.  We are a group of artists, each doing his/her own thing, at all stages of artistic levels, and in different medias. To look at the variety of work you wouldn't think that they came from the same mentor. That is what is why it's so great to meet and share. I plan to do a  photograph shoot and maybe post and introduce you to my wonderful group.

This piece has a long history. It started more than a year ago when I started to experiment with cold wax and oils in an abstract way. Then in December, I took 3 works that I decided to re-work. The first I posted several versions the last finished in January.  This is the second piece. The start you can see here. I called it metamorphous.

Metamorphous II
25 x 35 cm
Oils & Cold Wax

Early stage
Boldly added black UGH!!!

 Hope to post the third over the weekend. I also have a few from the challenge that I cut up and re-worked.  Move on or catch up? A juggle!!!

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