Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day 1 January 30 x 30 2017

This is going to be a double challenge for me. First to paint/draw every day, and second to do this intuitively without and outside reference. Recently I signed up for an online e-course by Janie Davies which I hope will help loosen my art and move into new directions. I really don't know how these new directions will affect my art or that I will always continue in an abstract way.

Generally, my format will be paper varying sizes. Mediums will mostly be dry but with the option of using some mediums on the dry marks or acrylic paint. May do collage as well. We'll see where all this takes me.

To let myself go is a very scaring journey... I am trying to overcome my fear with excitement.

30 x 21 cm paper
graphite stick + mechanical pencil 2B

I was using a piece corrugated carton and like the texture that it made on the paper. Pencil smudging. 
Don't know why I keep coming back to the "cross" motif. 

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