Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 21 January 30 x 30 2017

Day 21, 3 weeks into the challenge, has passed by in a flicker of an eye.  This months challenge is one of a journey to new places and new ideas, and not about producing a perfect sketch or painting, so the stress is off and a new calm has taken its place. If there is some stress it's about choosing the works to photograph and write a post.

This small sketch was almost put aside. The next day looking at it I felt a small ping, a remembrance of my trip to Morroco. All during that trip, I was bombarded with images, colors, cultures, and shapes that I wanted to capture somehow. I hardly had time to digest each day and moment. Have to paint this, have to sketch that. I did do some works on the Morocco theme, but really not enough, and suddenly this sketch came up. There are some links to photographs I took, Sadly I didn't continue, maybe someday!

Moroccan Memories
25 x 25 cm
Charcoal and conte stick
White Bristol 

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