Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day 8 January 30 x 30 2017

I am really getting excited about the challenge.  At first I had a fear, I always, most always used a reference, either photo or real life to start my creative journey. I never really succeeded just intuitively so when I see that I CAN do some and see some successes whether accidental or conscious, it stirs an excitement.

This is a crayon sketch using mostly watercolor crayons, a mix of Caran d'ache neo-color II and  Lyra crayons. I also used my wax/oil crayons, also by Caran d'ache along with some Ink Intense watercolor pencils by Derwent.

The process as I remember was first sketching with the watercolor crayons and added some water with a sponge very lighting with not much water. When that was dry added oil wax crayons and pencils. I really should jot down my process more. I prefer the rough crayons marks then then the wash that comes from water.

30 x 23 cm
Brown Paper
Mixed Crayons and Pencils

This may be a WIP. Thinking of cutting in halves and added more elements like Dotty Seiter.

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