Saturday, December 31, 2016

Its Almost Here

The new January 30 x 30 run by Leslie Seata is HERE. I like to post as early as possible, usually the eve before. or the next morning.  Her site goes live at 10: AM so that when I like to link up. It's my habit. Maybe I should change my habit

This challenge will be completely new for me because I will be trying to draw/paint from within without using an outside influence and I find myself in a "frozen " state.  I have chosen my format; paper either white or brown, small sizes, chosen mediums; mostly dry pencils, crayons pastels, with maybe paint and collage. Hey, what's the problem? I have done some preliminary "scribbles" and tried to see, feel where they were taking me, but to me they were meaningless scribbles, not telling me anything.

I don't mind, usually, to post not perfect work but there is some sort of line there.. or is there? Hoping that this ranting will help me over the hump and continue a few that I drew over with my favorite black eraser.

Recently Dotty Seiter's latest post brought back nostalgia.  She and her friend discuss books together across 1000 miles, how cool is that. That reminded me that I took part in a similar project maybe 10 years ago when I was on My Janee's forum and a group of us decided to read through 2 of Katrin Eismann books on Photoshop; Photoshop Restoration and Retouching, and Photoshop Masking and Compositing, two fabulous books. We went through chapter by chapter, showing our work and helping each other in the process. We were a diverse group from Finland, Israel, US etc.  I really miss the "forum" as a way of connecting and not the current FB, Instagram, Pinterest etc, which I find a bit cold.

Well, these thoughts brought me back to the general forum as well and all the tutorials that Janee had on the site. It was here I first learned PS using Elements II. I was first introduced to Elements by my late brother that used it to make fantastic composites. Janee would have Monthly challenges and we would post our entries anonymously and vote. Janee would give trophies to the winners. That was so much fun, I was so proud to get one. My Username was caroled so see some of mine. These were my first steps back into my creative activities, so thank you Janee, with all my heart.

So here is one I found on an old CD, that luckily still opens of Jan 2005 challenge. The award page is down, but I think the challenge was about pets. I think I posted a digital drawing of my late dog Johnny.

Digital Painting\
We had to post our acceptance image which includes the trophy.

Johnny Won a Trophy

Acceptance statement
WOW!!!!! Look!!!! Johnny found a trophy!!!!
Thanks all who chose my Johnny....
Thanks to Janee for making this all possible.
Johnny was a stray that my husband brought home 6-7 yrs ago from the hospital grounds. He was about 6-7 months old and probably was mistreated because he wouldn't come into the house under any condition.  He has a huge yard to run and chase cats and crows[my other entry].
I don't know how many times I tried to "paint" him from lots of photos taken, without much success.  Last semester I took my first LVS course in digital art, thanks again to Janee, and it helped me get off to a better start.
Congratulations to All.... we are all WINNERS...
Ending this with my digital crow painting.from the same challenge.

Black Hooded Crow
Digital painting
Now back to my current challenge... enough procrastination!!!

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