Saturday, June 6, 2015

Workshop # 60 Abstract Landscape

Workshop  # 60 Abstract Landscape

I still feel that I jumping into a new field (pool) of painting without really knowing how to swim... but with this painting it started from a sketch that I did years ago for Wetcanvas All Media Art events Sept 28th  hosted by mlou_jhu in 2012.  The Yosemite sketch.

First Draft
oils & cold wax
11 x 14 "

oils & cold wax
gessoed cardboard
11 x 14 "


Meredith Adler said...

I really like how you pulled the colors throughout and made a path for the eye through the painting. Thanks for sharing your inner feelings as well as the process. We can all learn from watching an artist try something new and share how it feels. Maybe next time you can say more about what it's like working with the wax? Thanks!

Carol Edan said...

Thanks so much Meredith!!! I really like the putty like substance.... now I am on the look for different tools to use..

Kathy Elliott said...

Carol, I have found my favorite tools are soft silicone spatulas from my kitchen! guess who doesn't cook much anymore! I have found some cool things to use in kitchen department of the inexpensive stores. What are you using?

Carol Edan said...

Thanks Kathy for your feedback. I use palette knives,have a silicon paint 15 mm spreader,can't see the brand, think Princeton, sandpaper, mesh screen, old credit cards, A local art store has started to import them. Will definitely look look into kitchen tools. Also have used small plastic ice-cream spoons...the flat kind.