Monday, June 22, 2015

# 64 Composition in Red

# 64 Composition in Red

First about the colors.... a while back I bought, on sale, a large tube of  Maimori Red Ochre... I love the rich earthy tone.  Have been using this paint for toning and mixes with other reds.

This painting had better layers... but the process is in learning... oils, cold wax, palette knife, scratch tools

Oils & Cold Wax
35 x 26 cm
Gessoed Cardboard

Speaking of the learning and working process I sometimes find it difficult getting back into the zone that I was in when I first started the painting.  My beginnings are much better than most of my finished work. 


Meredith Adler said...

Oh wow, really interesting read. And you have told us how so many times Heleni has said "stop!" Maybe part of the path is learning when the beginning is the finish...???

Carol Edan said...

You may be right!!!