Saturday, June 13, 2015

Workshop # 62 Yellow Symphony

Workshop # 62 Yellow Symphony

The evening before I gessoed  a couple of  cardboard formats for class the next day.  Didn't sand or smooth them because I wanted the texture of the gesso.  I had made some really rough sketches from some interesting compositions of  landscapes from interesting photos mainly for shapes and tonal qualities.. the sketches were mainly abstracted ideas and the painting even more..I feel I still need some sort of reference even with abstracts.

I have my sketch pad, A4 on my desk and a ball point pen nearby so when browsing andI spot something interesting I can jot it down.  it may be a photo or painting or just an interesting color combination.

Roughly sketched in the basic shapes and areas which a charcoal stick which took on some of the gesso texture and started to paint.  My turn came and Heleni said STOP... so I did.... I think this is a good idea because I feel I have to contemplate and connect  before I move on and ruin a good start.

Oils & Cold Wax
35 x 45 cm
Gessoed Cardboard

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