Sunday, May 24, 2015

Workshop # 59 Abstract Landscape

Workshop  # 59 Abstract Landscape

This painting has a history/story. It started out as an exercise from an online workshop by Richard Robinson but was discarded and put in the closet. Here is what I did with the lesson.  Well in short one day I was looking for something and came across one of  the studies and decided to over paint in a more abstract fashion and try to learn the use of some cold wax I had made.  More about how I got interested in cold wax under the work.

Oils on canvas
35 x 28 cm
Cold Wax 
Palette Knife

Canvas from Archive

At first I thought of using it portrait format but it didn't work so I scraped and continued landscape format

Final Painting
First I want to thank  a few artists that introduced me to this new medium,  Sue Marrazzo, Doris Vasek and 
Kathy Elliot  for their support and tips.

Last January I took part in Leslie Seata's 30 painting in thirty days.  During that time I met on line some very interesting abstract work using a medium cold wax. This perked my interest and I started to search for more info about this medium. I have had an interest in abstract work and love the palette knife so thought the technique would be a new exploration in my journey.  Couldn't find any of this medium in any stores but did find a site with recipes and luckily my daughter had some beeswax flakes so I made my first batch, probably not so kosher but that's what I have.   Made a few attempts that didn't really pan so it was put aside till I started on this old canvas.  

I am pretty happy with the result. Love working with texture and scraped and putting on. I am really excited about using this new medium!!!   


Rolina Koz said...

Oh, the results are fabulous - I must try this!

Meredith Adler said...

Wow, you might just be inspiring me!!! What fun and what a gorgeous abstraction! Excited for you on your new venture!!!!

Carol Edan said...

Thanks so much. I am sure they must have a similar medium for acrylics.

Carol Edan said...

Thanks so much. Your feedback is much appreciated.